Maritime Management Dual Bachelor Degree Programme at HSBA

Maritime Management (BSc) Overview



The dual Maritime Management degree (called Shipping & Ship Finance until 2011) offers a practice-based business administration degree with a special focus on the maritime industry alongside organised company training. In addition to the fundamentals of business administration, the course teaches selected industry-specific contents and covers specific shipping-related topics such as Maritime Law and Ship Management. The partner companies are generally companies from the maritime industry.


Degree: Bachelor of Science (BSc) with 180 ECTS
Language: 100 % English
Accreditation: FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation)
Programme start: The programme starts on 1 October each year; in 2019 it starts with a theoratical phase.
Study duration: 3 years

Study Organisation

The dual programme integrates phases of theory at the university (on average 32 weeks a year) and practical phases of training in their training company (on average 20 weeks a year).

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees are EUR 630 per month. The companies generally pay most of the course fees, at least if the student remains with the company after finishing his/her degree. In addition, students generally receive traineeship remuneration, the amount of which depends on the industry and company in question.

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