What is a Dual Study Programme?

What is a Dual Study Programme?

Dual degree programmes are based on principle of learning in two places from two sources – one practical and one theory, i.e. in School and a company to give students both academic and practical qualifications.

This ‘dual’ approach across the three year span of the programme allows the student to obtain knowledge and competence in class that they can then apply immediately in practice. Conversely, knowledge gleaned in the workplace is discussed in class, reflected upon, and used as a benchmark for the theory. This system was developed from the German dual apprenticeship system, and there are more than 60 thousand students enrolled in dual programmes in Germany today.

Advantages of a Dual Degree at HSBA

HSBA offers dual degree Programmes that alternate between theory and practice.

In dual degree programmes, theory and practice are irrevocably intertwined. The courses offered by HSBA therefore open up excellent career opportunities.To enable students to apply new theoretical knowledge directly in practice, the courses offered by HSBA are specifically tailored to the needs of modern businesses. This provides graduates with business knowledge they can count on to quickly take on responsibilities in any company.

More than 95% of companies surveyed highly value this approach with regard to the knowledge gained and the methods used. More than 90% of our graduates receive offers for the next step in their career immediately on the completion of their studies and almost 95% of graduates are satisfied with their studies as a whole.

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