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Business Informatics (BSc) Content


Course Profile

Students acquire an in-depth knowledge of informatics in combination with a wide range of business knowledge. In the first two years of study, students will be taught the fundamentals in the core business subjects and introduced to the basics of informatics and programming. They will complete several independent programming projects alongside their studies. Methodology modules, business English and law will complete the course schedule. In the second year of study, the share of informatics modules will increase. The third year of study features extensive elective options (required electives).

Study Plan

Semester 1

Module Contact Hours Credits
Methods and Fundamentals of Business Informatics (Part 1) 44 6
Theoretical Informatics 32 5
Accounting 48 6
Mathematics for Business Informatics 64 9
Business English 48 5

Semester 2

Module Contact Hours Credits
Architecture of Operational Information Systems 32 4
Modelling Operational Infomations Systems 48 6
Programming I 48 6
Operations & Supply Chain Management 48 6
Statistics 48 7

Semester 3

Module Contact Hours Credits
Database Systems 48 6
Project Management for Business Informatics 32 4
Programming II (Part 1) 32 11
Investment and Finance 48 6
Marketing Management 32 4
Quantitative Methods 32 5

Semester 4

Module Contact Hours Credits
Programming II (2. Teil) 32 11
Set-Up of Operational Information Systems 48 6
Operations Research 32 5
Elective 2 48 6
Law for Business Informatics 32 4

Semester 5

Module Contact Hours Credits
Software Engineering 48 6
Seminar Buiness Informatics 32 5
Economics 48 6
Controllership 48 6
Elective III 48 6
Bachelor Thesis 4 12

Semester 6

Module Contact Hours Credits
Organisation 48 6
Digitales Marketing & E-Business 48 6

Special Weeks

Module Special Week Contact Hours Credits
Introduction to HSBA 1 18 0
Elective 1 4 30 3
Study Trip 5 30 2
General Electives übergreifend 125 5


More in-depth and broader knowledge and methodology is taught in the required electives. Elective 1 is predominantly business-focused, while Electives 2 and 3 give students the opportunity to choose topics from business administration or informatics. For example, possible business administration electives could include topics such as quality management, change management or corporate finance, while informatics topics could include data security, computer networks or theoretical informatics. This allows students to specialise either in business administration or in informatics. During the study trip (abroad), the students apply their know-how in an international context.

The general electives give students the opportunity to develop their individual knowledge and skills further. The offering ranges from social skills and IT seminars to studium generale events and smaller electives where students can tackle selected business administration content in a more in-depth manner. Foreign language courses are also on offer on an extracurricular basis.

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