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Everything you need to know about applying for a Bachelor's degree at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Application and admission for a Bachelor's programme at HSBA

How do I apply for a Bachelor's degree at HSBA?

The application process at HSBA consists of several steps: Find out more about our partner companies at the beginning of the application process at our available study options section and then apply directly there. After a selection process in the company, the admission requirements are checked at HSBA. Afterwards, you will be matriculated and can start your studies.

Step 1: Get Information

Dual Bachelor's Study Programmes at HSBA

Your first step should be to read up about the study programmes on offer in:

Business Administration

Business Informatics

International Management

Logistics Management


Overview of our Bachelor's study programmes


Feel free to attend one of HSBA’s Dual Bachelor Programme Information Sessions or Info Days. Here you will find an overview of all important dates.

Admission Requirements

There are admission requirements for all the study programmes. These include good grades in Mathematics and English (the equivalent to a 10 point average from two senior-grade school reports or a 9 point average in advanced courses from a school using the German education system). The Business Administration and Business Informatics programmes require an additional grade of 10 or 9 points in the German language.

There are entrance exams available should you not be able to satisfy these admission requirements. We recommend our "Bewerberzertifikat" to applicants who have successfully passed our entrance exams or have a foreign educational qualification. You will receive the certificate upon presentation of all necessary documents for a contribution towards expenses of 10 Euro and add it to your application. Further information is available at +49 40 822160-900.

What is a dual study programme and what are its advantages?

Dual degree programmes are based on the principle of learning in two places from two sources to give students both academic and practical qualifications. The courses offered by HSBA therefore open up excellent career opportunities. Find out more about HSBA's dual course of study.

Step 2: Apply to a company & selection process

Available Study Options

The first step to studying at HSBA is to apply to a company. Find out about all the current opportunities for prospective students in our online Job & Study Offers section.

Apply to a company

You should also get information about the companies listed on the website, the opportunities they are offering, and the application requirements. Check whether the company you want to apply to is looking to receive the required documents online or by post. Do not do a ‘general mail out’, but rather make sure you are sure about why you want to apply to a particular company, and make this clear in your application letter. Please keep in mind that almost all companies can offer a dual study place. So check if you know a company that is not yet cooperating with HSBA, but is suitable for you. The company headquarters does NOT have to be in Hamburg!

Do you have questions about the application process? Then give us a call (+49 40 822160-933)! Or take part in our free Information Events.

Company Selection Process

The selection process takes place after you have applied to a company. It may include interviews and/ or a session in an assessment centre. Once you have successfully completed the process, the company will sign a study agreement with you, which will be sent, along with your application documents to HSBA.

Step 3: HSBA Assessment of Admission Requirements & Enrolment

Assessment of Admission Requirements

After the company has sent in your application documents and the study agreement, HSBA assesses these against the admission requirements in English, mathematics and, where required, German.

This section is aimed at applicants with a German Abitur qualification or a German Advanced Technical College Certificate as well as graduates of German schools in foreign countries or applicants with an International Baccalaureate (IB) or European Baccalaureate (EB):

  • Proof of university entrance qualification (usually, the Abitur or Advanced Technical College Certificate)
  • Study agreement with a company in which the practical part of your studies will be completed
  • Proof of good grades in mathematics, English and, if applicable, German (10 or 9 points)

Applicants with a foreign university entrance qualification can find more information here: Acceptance criteria for international applicants


Once all of your documents have been submitted, the enrolment documents will be sent to you. Please fill out your enrolment form and submit it, along with evidence of your health insurance (in Germany), by email to documents(at)

Welcome to HSBA!

Financing & Funding Options

Here you will find information about tuition fees, remuneration, scholarships and funding opportunities.

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Klaus Waubke
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Can I apply for a study place directly with HSBA?

No. Students can only study at HSBA if they have concluded a contract of study with a training company. To apply with a company is always the first step in the application process.

What are the options of studying abroad?

About 30% of HSBA's Bachelor students spend time abroad during their studies (mostly short-stay at Summer Schools or as an exchange student with one of our partner universities). In the third year of studies of the dual programmes, students can go on an international study trip. Furthermore, HSBA attaches great importance to the international character of its content, offering a wide range of seminars held in English. Fore more information, please see here.

When should I start with my application?

Anyone interested in taking a dual Bachelor programme should normally start looking for a training company at least one year before they intend to start their studies. The application to the company should include all the usual documents, such as school and examination qualifications and CV. The company then sends the study contract together with the necessary documents to HSBA, which checks whether the criteria for admission are fulfilled, and if so accepts the applicant.

Questions?Klaus Waubke HSBA
Klaus Waubke HSBA

Klaus Waubke

Senior Manager Student Recruitment & Company Relations
+49 40 822160-933

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