Teaching mobility


ERASMUS+ Teaching Mobility

HSBA supports international exchange for all status groups.  

Thus, HSBA professors can also go abroad for a teaching mobility in Europe within the framework of ERASMUS+. 

If you are interested in an English language course or intercultural training, you can find more information here. 

Due to limited funding from the EU, only permanent professors can currently participate. 

Advantages and Prerequisites

The main advantages 

  • Exchange of expertise and new perspectives 
  • Enhances of participant’s (language) competences 
  • Strengthening of intercultural competence 
  • Broadens and deepens networks 
  • Promotion of cooperation between universities 

The main prerequisites  

  • Permanent position at the HSBA 
  • Preparation of a teaching programme with partner university/institution prior to the stay 


  • Acquisition of a colleague at the partner university for an exchange at HSBA 
  • Willingness to provide information about HSBA on a small scale on site if necessary 
  • After returning, share the experience at the faculty meeting 

Possible Institutuions

The exchange can best take place at an ERASMUS+ partner university. Are you in contact with a European university outside the HSBA network? Great, feel free to ask if a guest lectureship is possible there as well. 


The HSBA has limited ERASMUS+ funds from the EU available each year, which means that not all professors may be able to realise an exchange in one year. 

To be able to distribute the funds efficiently and fairly, a call for applications is made once a year in the summer by the International Office for the following academic year. 

If the number of applications exceeds the quota, there will be a selection process. The criteria are: Motivation, linguistic competence as well as the teaching plan and whether an exchange has already taken place in previous years. 

In the event of a rejection, a stay abroad can still be made possible by means of a waiting list and, if granted, additional financial support from the EU throughout the year. 

Important: The realisation of the exchange depends on the capacities at the respective partner universities/institutions and can therefore not be guaranteed by HSBA. 

Organisation and Duration

Once you have been accepted by HSBA, the organisational part can start.  

If there are already contacts at the respective subject level, you can directly start the request for a teaching exchange and coordinate a programme. If there are no contacts of your own at the local level, the International Office will be happy to send out the request with your CV. 

For ERASMUS+ funding, the stay must last at least 2 days up to a maximum of 5 days excluding travel days. 8 teaching hours need to be arranged for the stay. They can take place in form of lectures or as a block course or seminar - entirely in consultation with the host university. 

The International Office at HSBA is also happy to assist with the administrative part and the necessary documents.

Subsidies for travel costs and expenses through ERASMUS+ funding

The sending university (HSBA) covers part of the costs incurred: Grants will be paid in the form of an Erasmus+ travel lump sum for the travel expenses as well as daily lump sum for days of stay. 

If you have any further questions about ERASMUS+ Staff Mobility, please contact the International Office at HSBA. 

Per diem rates will be paid in accordance with the corresponding provisions by the Federal Ministry of Finance. You can find the per diem and overnight rates for abroad here.

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