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Improving usability research for Fundingport's funding platforms

Fundingport is a company of the Hypoport Group, with which HSBA also runs a research project. ( ) Fundingport, for its part, has already carried out several projects with HSBA.

Fundingport is a funding platform that connects lenders and borrowers to enrich their business models. Fundingport aims to integrate all stakeholders into a single digital solution and automate standard workflows and communications. The platform is designed in such a way that it is not the individual borrowers themselves who are active there, but their advisors can generate loan offers from participating banks via the platform.

A great deal of usability research has to be carried out in the initial development and further development of the platform so that it can be operated as simply and intuitively as possible by the users. Fundingport has already conducted a large amount of usability research in the course of building the platform and already knows that it will also be conducting usability research on a larger scale in the near future.

This is where the current project, which consists of two parts, comes in: In the first part, Fundingport's current usability research approach will be evaluated with an outside perspective, and possible alternatives will be developed and assessed. In the second part, the HSBA group will conduct its own usability research using its preferred variant of a modified usability research approach. At the end of the project, there will be two applied and evaluated usability research approaches, which will facilitate Fundingport's further work on the funding platform.

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