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Doctoral Programme Application

Jana Tolle


For admission to the Claussen-Simon Graduate Centre at HSBA the following requirements have to be fulfilled as well as the listed documents have to be submitted:

Admission requirements

The formal prerequisites for acceptance into the Claussen-Simon Graduate Centre at HSBA are:

  • university or college studies (Business Administration, Economics, Business Informatics) with at least 300 ECTS, completed with a diplom or Master degree of grade 2,5 or better     


  • university or college studies (of any area not realted to Business Studies) with at least 300 ECTS, completed with a diploma or Master degree of grade 2,5 or better, and:
    - the studies included at least one economical subject, and
    - the grade in this subject was at least "good", and
    - the content and achievements in this subject are equal to the contents and achievements gained in an equivalent bachelor course
    - included a written Master thesis.


  • university or college business studies at an international academic institution with an equivalent university degree 
  • Proof of good English skills (level C1/ C2,substantiated by IELTS, TOEFL IBT, Cambridge Certificate or Pearsons Test).
    (execpt for native English speakers or applicants who studied more than 6 months an English taught study programme)

The admission requirements of the respective partner university apply additionally.

Application documents

For your application for acceptance onto the programme, we need the following documents:

  • Letter of motivation (max. 1 page)
  • CV (max. 2 pages)
    a. Personal data
    b. Academic (incl. ECTS) and secondary education
    c. Professional career
    d. Language skills (classified according to CEF: A1-C2)
    e. Computer skills
    f. Social engagement, hobbies
  • Proof of third level qualification
    a. Copies of 1st and 2nd degree certificates (grades of single courses must be listed)
    b. Diploma supplement or explanatory notes
    c. Proof of a vocational education qualification (if applicable)
  • Proof of good English skillslevel C1/C2,
    substantiated by IELTS, TOEFL IBT, Cambridge Certificate or Pearson’s Test25 or proof of English language degree course
  • Academic reference
  • Reference of current employer
  • Confirmation of job exemption
    A written statement by the employer that the doctoral student will be granted an averageof 20 hours per week to work on the doctoral topic for the duration of his/her time at theGraduate Centre
  • Presentation of your research project (approx. 5 pages)

Selection process

The selection process ensures that candidates have the necessary personal, methodological and analytical skills to successfully complete the dissertation within the prescribed time and given circumstances (part-time employment).

Upon receipt of the application, it will be checked for completeness and compliance with the approval criteria. If the submitted documents meet the requirements, the application is forwarded for further professional and scientific assessment. In case of a positive assessment, we start the matching process.

According to its research topic, the application will be submitted to the respective HSBA professors and, if agreed, the contact between the doctoral candidate and the professor will be established. The dissertation project will then be discussed in a personal interview and the candidate's expertise and methodological competence will be tested.

Upon successful matching, the candidate of the doctoral candidate will be invited to an Admission Day at the Claussen-Simon Foundation. In two interviews of about 30-40 minutes with a personal-biographical as well as professional-academic focus. The CSGC and the Claussen-Simon Foundation jointly decide about the admission to the CSGC programme. The Admission Day usually takes place twice a year: May / June and September / October.

After admission to the programme the HSBA-Professor, the CSGC administration and the candidate will discuss options regarding the cooperating university and will decide on the best possible liaison in regard of the candidate's research topic and background.

Closing date for applications

Each year seven study places are available at the Claussen-Simon Graduate Centre. Candidates can submit applications to the programme at any time. Application deadline is August 31 for the following year. Study placements will be alloted throughout the year after receipt of the applications.

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