Institutes Institute for Mittelstand and Family Firms

Michael Zapf

Good for Hamburg

The Institute for Mittelstand and Family Firms is an independent institute under private management sponsored by HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration and the Hamburg World Economic Institute (HWWI).

Its aim is to identify the specific challenges faced by SMEs and family businesses (in Hamburg), to generate scientifically sound solutions and to transfer the findings to the economy.

The focus of the institute is on the one hand based on the fact that SMEs and family enterprises are the backbone of the German economy, specifically in terms of innovation and competitiveness. On the other hand though, they are neither the focus of the public, the science nor the politics , which all mainly focus on large companies.

Partners of the institute are Esche Schümann Commichau, KPMG and the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg.

Our Goals

We promote the development and the value of the medium-sized and the family-owned businesses especially in the Hamburg area.

We conduct challenging research with a high relevance for practice and are engaged in the doctoral education.

We offer a platform to all sectors to encourage the exchange of knowledge as well as to reflect and discuss challenges together.

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