Stefan Malzkorn

Research Profile

In addition to study programmes and executive education, the third pillar of HSBA’s university activities is research. Research is hugely important for HSBA, with one of the university’s guiding principles devoted to it:

  • Research at HSBA is applied.
  • Research at HSBA serves to promote Hamburg as a location.
  • Research at HSBA marries science with business.
  • Research findings are incorporated in the academic community.
  • Research findings are incorporated in teaching at HSBA.

HSBA adopted guidelines for good scientific practice based on the rules, recommendations and principles to safeguard good scientific practice put together by the General Assembly of the DFG ("Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft": German Research Foundation) in January 1998.

A Beacon for Hamburg as a Science and Business Location

In dialogue with business and science, we place great emphasis on applied research that creates added value. Our research addresses practical issues and offers solutions to contemporary problems. As first point of contact for applied research in business and economics in the Hamburg city region, HSBA is a reliable partner to business and society.

Teaching and Research

Teaching and research are closely interlinked. The content and methodology of research projects become established in academic teaching, allowing up-to-date research findings to be evaluated directly in the students’ training. Equally, ideas and issues that arise in teaching can lead to specific research projects.

The interlinking of research, academic training and teaching takes place in HSBA’s departments.