Chair for International Business Ethics & Sustainability Teaching

Teaching Objectives

The teaching in the areas of Business Ethics, Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability as well as in the other business subjects offered has several overarching objectives:

  • To encourage students to think independently, analytically and critically.
  • To teach students how to identify and analyse socioeconomic problems and enable them to develop solutions independently.
  • To show students how to recognise and assess ethical problems and dilemmas in particular. The aim is to teach students about theories, instruments and strategies that will help them to overcome ethical challenges in day-to-day management. 

Firstly, ethics topics are discussed within the context of central business subjects such as Strategic Management. This is underpinned with an offering of more in-depth specialisations and electives in the areas of CSR, Ethics and Sustainability.

The guiding principles of integrated research and teaching as well as a consistent gearing to practice in teaching and in research are hugely relevant.

The current curriculum encompasses the following lectures:

Bachelor Level

Bachelor Specialisation Sustainable Leadership:

  • Strategic CSR-Management
  • Ethical Leadership and Decision Making
  • CSR-Governance and Sustainable Innovation

Further lectures on the Bachelor Level:

  • Ethical Fashion
  • Strategic Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Organisations Theory
  • Qualitative Methods

Master Level

  • Ethics (MBA & MSc)
  • Business Ethics (CM)
  • Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Communication
  • Corporate Responsibility: Theory and Practice

Bachelor & Master Dissertations

If you are interested in writing a dissertation at the Endowed Chair of International Business Ethics and Sustainability, you can propose your own topic. Also, Prof. Dr. Sarah Jastram can provide a list of dissertation topics currently on offer.