HSBA with new shareholder structure

VEEK and HSBA Alumni Association take over shares

The HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration implements a new shareholder structure: The Assembly of an Honorable Merchant of Hamburg (VEEK) and the HSBA Alumni Association each take over eight percent of the university. The Foundation for the Promotion of HSBA remains the main shareholder.

The VEEK has been a partner of HSBA since 2009. "The good cooperation of the past is institutionalized with this involvement and underlines our common pursuit of a value-oriented action in the economy", said Chairman Gunter Mengers of VEEK. The values of the honorable merchant have always played a major role in the education at the HSBA and form the moral framework for the training of junior economists.

The fact that the alumni also hold shares in the HSBA is a peculiarity in the German higher education landscape. "As former students, we feel very close to our university," says Svenja Köster, chairwoman of the HSBA Alumni Association. "By participating as a shareholder, the HSBA Alumni Association can contribute its experience to the HSBA and help shape it for the benefit of students, entrepreneurs and the Hamburg economy."

Frank Horch, Senator for Economics, Transport and Innovation, is satisfied: "This is a good day for the Hamburg economy. Qualified young talent is a decisive competitive factor, and the HSBA makes an important contribution to ensuring that the Hamburg companies continue to receive this new talent. Not least because of this, many Hamburg companies are supporting the dual system of HSBA as a partner."

"This step into independence is a step into a new age for us," says Dr. Uve Samuels, Managing Director of HSBA. "We have positioned ourselves in the best possible way for the future. We are pleased about the first shareholding of the VEEK in a university and see this as a seal of quality for our work. The fact that our own alumni now hold shares in the HSBA is a sign of their solidarity and the trust of our former students in our institution."

As a university for the Hamburg economy, it is HSBA's stated goal to continue to qualify the next generation of talent for companies in Hamburg, Germany and abroad in the new constellation and to strengthen the future viability of Hamburg as a location in the age of digital transformation. At the same time, partnerships with companies in the dual system ensure the participation of as many talented young people as possible in the excellent education at the HSBA.