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Who takes responsibility? Value-oriented action at the HSBA

Edition 13 (2019)

  • Is decency still modern? - Honorable merchants
  • How important are environmental protection and climate change to HSBA students? - Environmental Survey
  • Change at the top - Prof. Dr. Insa Sjurts becomes new president of the HSBA
  • Ethics as a guiding principle in studies - Making the Honourable Businessman studyable
  • International, Sustainable, Inspiring - HSBA Summer School on CSR Management
  • Artificial Intelligence as a Driver for Sustainability - Insights from a New Field of Research
  • Bestselling author Martin Walker visits the HSBA - Kick-Off A University - A Book
  • Acting with conviction - responsibility at BUDNI
  • Making a stand against fast fashion - First clothes exchange market at the HSBA
  • Harder, Stronger, Better, Awesome! - The 2019 Champions Trophy 
  • Sustainability can be simple - Offers in Hamburg

Online Magazine Edition 13 (in German with some articles in English)

Are you up and agile or are you still snoozing?

Edition 12 (2019)

  • On Future German – Values Agility in business, school and university
  • You snooze you lose – 7 tips for agility in today’s world
  • Alexander Birken, OTTO Group CEO – New Chairman of the HSBA Board of Trustees
  • Graduate from a migrant foreground – Portrait of Nuri Arbursu
  • How I got addicted to education – Timo Angerstein 
  • Exploring Different Cultures – Semester Abroad in Stellenbosch, South Africa
  • Skillsea – HSBA awarded grant for EU research project
  • Fit for the digital transformation – Healthcare company Philips 
  • Sports, Parties and One Unforgettable Weekend – Champions Trophy
  • Do you know how lucky you are? – Portrait of Alumnus Hauke Welp
  • Sport and Nutrition – Interesting opportunities for students in Hamburg

Online Magazine Edition 12 (in German with some articles in English)

Taking it easy made easy - How to recognise, understand and beat stress

Edition 11 (2018)

  • Become smart while sleeping - On the importance of deep sleep
  • Off to new shores - HSBA Foundation takes on a new role
  • Namibia, a land of contrasts - Excursion to Africa
  • New thoughts in teaching and research - Master of Digital Transformation & Sustainability
  • What about stress in Japan - Guest lecturer Kanji Tanimoto
  • How good is Hamburg's eHealth? - A study of the health economy
  • Studying up an appetite - Dual degree with Service-Bund
  • Anniversary for HSBA students - Arielle X.
  • Network for success - Tips from HSBA alumna and member of several supervisory boards, Christine Wolff
  • Me-time for Dualies - Chilling in Hamburg

Online Magazine Edition 11  (in German with some articles in English)

The new casual office

Edition 10 (2017)

  • The new casual office - You only have one shot at a first impression
  • Congratulations on your graduation - 2017 Graduates
  • Project-oriented study - New Master's in Digital Transformation and Sustainability
  • From refugee to HSBA student - First impressions from our new arrivals
  • The digital scene in Hamburg - Observations, analyses and estimations
  • Marketing Innovation Day - Marketing in real time
  • Touches of Silicon Valley - Guest Lecturer Dr Burton Lee from Stanford
  • Germany’s youngest plant manager - Alumna Anne-Christin Koscheike  
  • Typical Hamburg style - Fashion made in Hamburg

Online Magazine Edition 10 (in German with some articles in English)

HSBA 4.0 - Digitalisation. What does that mean for us?

Edition 9 (2017) 

  • Digitalisation: Curse or Blessing – Title Story
  • Leonie Hanne – HSBA Graduate is an Instagram Star
  • The times they are a’changing…– Bachelor thesis on media usage by 14 to 28 year olds
  • An unforgettable experience – HSBA Summer School (in English)
  • Is Good Corporate Governance a winning shot? – Research Project with the German Bundesliga
  • What do you mean they make books too? – Company profile Edel AG
  • Let the Games Begin! – First Day
  • Profile of Benjamin Regorz – One of the first graduates
  • Blog and the City – What’s happening in Hamburg?


Online Magazine Edition 9 (in German with some articles in English)

Career - What does that mean?

Edition 8 (2016) 

  • Career - Cover story
  • Prestigious award for masters' courses - Premium seal
  • Excursion to New York - Big banking
  • The German business world - How to survive (in English)
  • Research - What is it all about?
  • Careers in our partner companies - Otto and Rieckermann
  • Alumni Homecoming - Good Old Days!
  • Hamburg - Support for refugees


Online Magazine, Edition 8 (in German with some articles in English)

Share or own? - The share economy

Edition 7 (2015) 

  • Sharing is more than a good business idea - Titular subject
  • HSBA-Connect is here - E-Learning at HSBA
  • When strangers become friends – HSBA Summer School
  • Stop when the red lights flash – Five tips for international students
  • Global, dual, digital, the education of the future – Fundraising Dinner with head of Daimler, Dr. Zetsche
  • Livesafing – A HSBA student as a bone marrow donor
  • The Spirit of Seoul – Model United Nations
  • Olympic Games in Hamburg – International Voices


Online Magazine, Edition 7 (in German with some articles in English)

Time and money - A question of balance

Edition 6 (2015) 

  • What is more important for you, time or money?
  • Lived internationality - master students coming from 29 countries
  • Organisation of exams - figures, facts and aphorisms
  • Get out into the world to learn - Photos of twelve excursion destinations
  • Ten years HSBA - anniversary celebrations
  • We are making progress - HSBA-doctoral theses
  • Rocking evening in St. Pauli - Corporate Band Contest
  • "We have to change!" - BILD-Chief Editor Kai Diekmann
  • Culture is alive - Tips
  • Hamburg and its Bunker


Online Magazine, Edition 6  (in German)

HSBA is celebrating its 10th anniversary

Edition 5 (2014) 

  • 10 years of growth – The development of HSBA
  • My HSBA highlight – Personal reviews
  • South Africa on the move – International master’s thesis
  • PhD pioneers – Claussen Simon Graduate Centre at HSBA
  • A helping hand through difficult times – Dual degrees at HSV
  • Filling a gap...“ – Opening our new building
  • Exciting stories - Alumni
  • My favourite Ppace - Hamburg

Online Magazine, Edition 5 (in German)

Generation Y – Balancing Professional and Personal Expectations

Edition 4 (2013) 

  • How do you perceive Generation Y?
  • London, Paris, Dubai – A dual degree AND an international experience 
  • Patience, discipline and curiosity – The road to a doctorate with HSBA
  • Heidi’s top models exposed – Company visit to Axel Springer
  • A flood of Visitors - Open night at HSBA
  • Cool businesses in Hamburg – Must see shops

Online Magazine, Edition 4 (in German)

Dual degrees – More than just part-time study

Edition 3 (2013)

  • Dual degrees – Practical and theoretical evaluations
  • Heart-felt and entertaining – The HSBA Graduation Ceremony
  • Studying abroad – Summer Schools and excursions
  • Research Rankings – Prof. Hartmann and the top 10 percent
  • Hands-on mentality in a medium-sized company – Carl Robert Eckelmann AG
  • Candidate for Chancellor – Peter Steinbrück as a guest at our fundraising dinner
  • ROCK YOUR LIFE!–  The Social Committee gets involved
  • Team wrap-up – Bachelor orientation week
  • Hamburg - Comparing libraries

Online Magazine, Edition 3 (in German)

Our values

Edition 2 (2012)

  • From first semester student to qualified honourable merchant – our values
  • How much is trust worth? – Values in times of Crisis
  • from exotic India, a land of contrasts – field trip to Mumbai
  • Shining energy – VDI grant recipient
  • who owns football? – Conference on the economics of football
  • A visit from Nobel Peace Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus

Online Magazine, Edition 2 (in German)

On the way to the top – HSBA in the top group of the CHE Ranking

Edition 1 (2011)

  • Premiere – The Graduation Ceremony – now with Masters’ Graduates
  • Research Project Green Habour
  • Studying Abroad - Summer Schools and Excusions
  • Company Profile Deepblue – On comparisons with football teams
  • Final Outing – Over the seas with AIDAblu
  • Baby boom in the MBA ranks
  • Laying the foundations for the new building