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SEADEVCON - Marine Developer Conference

HSBA is proud to be a part of the first shipping and maritime developer conference and Hackathon for sustainability, a cleaner planet and better lives.

It's time for change! Under this motto, the themes of sustainability, responsibility, environmental protection and human rights in shipping will be discussed at the SEADEVCON 2018 from 06.09.-08.09.2018.

The 2-day tech conference followed by a Hackathon brings together experts from maritime software and hardware development, shipping and climate experts, human rights and environmental activists, NGOs and lateral thinkers. Together they want to develop smart and innovative approaches to solve the issues such as ocean plastic, emission reduction, corruption and human rights.

Guests from all over the world are expected when innovative leaders from the shipping industry and state-of-the-art technology come together.


Experts from the shipping, maritime and environmental sectors, NGOs and universities discuss together with software /hardware developers and users in order to solve the major challenges of the maritime and shipping industry.

DAY 2: 4th AIS Summit
The AIS Summit brings together AIS experts from around the world. Various panels will discuss the latest developments in the field. Terrestrial and satellite providers as well as technology companies present their products and discuss their applications.

For the 2nd Maritime Hackathon, students, programmers, designers, scientists from all over the world are invited to work together, as a team or alone, to develop groundbreaking ideas for the maritime industry. Together with the NGOs, maritime and shipping experts and AIS experts, the first prototypes will be developed in 22 hours. At the award ceremony, an expert jury will decide on the best idea and best implementation.

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