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International Lounge

Strategic CSR Management: A Lesson from Japanese Companies

We would like to invite you to our International Lounge:

“Strategic CSR Management: A Lesson from Japanese Companies“
Speaker: Kanji Tanimoto | School of Commerce | Waseda University
Wednesday, 21 February 2018, 06:00 – 08:30 pm
Audimax, HKIC Handelskammer InnovationsCampus, Adolphsplatz 6, 20457 Hamburg

Pressures for corporate attention to CSR have been increased in Japan for the past decade and a half. Many Japanese companies have been required to address CSR, introduce CSR management systems and conform to institutional isomorphic pressures. However, it is not an easy task to strategically embed CSR into management processes. The top ranked companies in a CSR rating are not necessarily well-adapted to CSR in the organization. Prof. Tanimoto will talk about an existing gap between ‘expected CSR management’ and ‘actual conventional management’ by giving an example of Toshiba which used to be one of the global leading companies.

Kanji Tanimoto is Professor in Business and Society at the School of Commerce, Waseda University, Japan. He received his doctorate in Business Administration from Graduate School of Business Administration, Kobe University. Furthermore, he is the founder and president of the academic association “Japan Forum of Business and Society”. 

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We are looking forward to welcome you at our event!