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Jana Tolle

Inaugural Lecture of Prof. Dr. Nikolas Müller: Climate and Energy Policy in the Building Sector (in German)

Together with the Real Estate and Leadership Foundation, HSBA launched the study programme “Real Estate & Leadership (M.Sc.)”. By appointing Prof. Dr. Nikolas Müller, HSBA was able to reinforce its team with a distinguished expert in this area.

Prof. Dr. Nikolas Müller studied architecture at TU Darmstadt, TU Delft, and ETH Zurich, as well as architectural process management at TU Eindhoven. He worked as a consultant and as managing director in an architectural office. In 2015, he received his Ph.D. from TU Berlin. His dissertation focused on the social construction of cities. Before his appointment to HBSA, he was Post-Doc at the TU Darmstadt, where he mainly worked on the relationships between energy and climate policy and the real estate industry.

In his inaugural lecture, Prof. Dr. Müller will talk about the energy and climate policy in the building sector and will highlight the complexity of this topic. It will be discussed whether it is possible to generalise measures for improving energy efficiency. In conclusion, Prof. Dr. Müller will highlight alternative strategies for an energy policy based on efficiency and on the needs of relevant stakeholders.

We would be happy to see you there and invite you to a small get-together after the inaugural lecture. Please register for the event via our registration tool below.

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