Jana Tolle

Inaugural lecture of Dr.-Ing. Architect Ralph W. Hofmann: “Real Estate Branding Assessment – from flying blind to flying right in real estate branding” (in German)

Together with the Real Estate and Leadership Foundation HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration successfully launched the study programme “Real Estate & Leadership (MSc)”. By appointing Dr.Ing. Architect Ralph W. Hofmann, HSBA was able to reinforce its team with a distinguished expert in this area.

Dr.-Ing. Architect Ralph W. Hofmann earned his doctorate at the Bauhaus University Weimar on the topic of real estate brand strategies. Before, he studied architecture at the University of Applied Sci-ences Wiesbaden in the early nineties and later an MSc in "Real Estate" at Danube University Krems.

During his many years in the real estate industry, he accompanied and managed numerous planning and construction projects at home and abroad. Mr. Hofmann was Managing Partner of "Hofmann Architekten ZT GmbH" in Vienna until 2017.

In his inaugural lecture, Dr.-Ing. Architect Hofmann will define brand controlling in real estate context as a precondition for a targeted branding policy. He will characterize the specific framework condi-tions of the economic asset “real estate” in an attempt to explain the determinants of real estate brands. Furthermore, the overall principles of “Customer-Based Brand Equity-CBBE-Models” will be identified and explored in order to clarify the structure and logic behind the “Real Estate Branding Assessment-Model” in particular. Finally, Mr. Hofmann will briefly describe a potential business model of the “Real Estate Branding Assessment”.

We would be happy to see you there and invite you to a small get-together after the inaugural lecture.