Jana Tolle

Digital Week: Like. Share. Buy!

Event - Digital Week 2019

Fun cat videos, perfect holiday pictures & the latest sneaker trends. Providers of social platforms and companies have recognized the sales potential in the news feeds and know what and when you want something... or better: should?

Selected experts discuss persuasive communication, the responsible handling of user data and the potential of the sales channel for medium-sized companies.

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Ira Tittler
Program Manager
Next Commerce Accelerator GmbH



Vera Strauch
Founder, Podcaster Female Leadership Academy

Heiko Hebig
Partnership Manager Zentraleuropa Instagram

Angelina Peipers
HR Marketing Managerin Otto (GmbH & Co KG)

Zia Nadjib
CEO & Founder Gymjunky GmbH

Gilles Scheuren
VRHAM! Virtual Reality & Arts Festival e.V.

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Gilles Scheuren