International Office @ HSBA Teaching mobility


At a glance

The EU programme ERASMUS+ (2014-20) supports guest lectureships at European partner universities that have an ERASMUS+ University Charter (EUC). The aim is to allow the guest lecturers to enhance the European dimension of the guest university through their stay, supplementing the guest university’s course offering and passing on their specialist knowledge to students who are unable or unwilling to study abroad. This should include the development of joint study programmes at the two partner universities and the exchange of pedagogical content and methods. It is also possible to support teaching assignments by European entrepreneurs at German universities. 

In addition to the ERASMUS+ programme, there is an option to teach at one of our partner universities outside of Europe. You can find a list of the existing partnerships and the university profiles here. Please discuss your individual plans and the possibility of funding with HSBA’s International Office.

Prerequisites and advantages

The main prerequisites

  • ERASMUS+ agreement with the target university provides for lecturer mobility for the corresponding department
  • Participant is employed at HSBA
  • The scope of teaching comprises at least 5 teaching units per week and is part of the study timetable at the guest University

The main advantages

  • Stay is based on a pre-prepared teaching Programme
  • Exchange of expertise and new perspectives
  • Enhances the participant’s own skills
  • Broadens and deepens networks

ERASMUS+ agreement

An ERASMUS+ agreement (bilateral agreement) regarding lecturer exchange must be in place between HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration and your target university. If you are interested in taking part in an exchange with a partner university that does not have any ERASMUS+ agreement regarding lecturer exchange in place with HSBA, please contact HSBA’s International Office. The universities are generally happy to extend the agreement accordingly. If you would like to teach at a university that does not have any agreement with HSBA yet, please discuss your plans with the International Office. Please feel free to share your suggestions and ideas with us!

Duration of the exchange

The agreement is generally for 8 teaching hours within 2 - 5 days. The teaching hours can be held as part of existing lectures in the form of a guest lecture or as an independent block or seminar. It is recommended that an information session be held about studying in Germany and at HSBA and about the offering for ERASMUS+ students. When agreeing on the dates for the exchange, it should be ensured that the students interested can attend the lectures and that the content of the lecture fits in the lectures schedule.


In order to facilitate an efficient and fair distribution of funding, HSBA’s International Office requests all professors to register their interest in an ERASMUS+ lecturer exchange for the coming year once a year (around September). The limited availability of funding unfortunately means that not all professors will be able to take part in an exchange using this programme. We will apply for additional funding around March/April of the current academic year, but cannot guarantee this funding. Preferential treatment is generally granted to those professors who did not take part in an exchange in the previous academic year.

If the number of applications exceeds the quota, there will be a selection process. The criteria are: motivation, language skills and the teaching programme.

Important: The exchange depends on the capacities of our partner universities and therefore can not be guaranteed by HSBA.

Organisation of the exchange

Based on discussions with HSBA, one option is for you to get in touch directly with the partner university and speak about the possibility of an exchange in your desired area. This is a good option if you already have contacts there. Alternatively, HSBA’s International Office can assist you in the search for a suitable university. To help your planning, you can familiarise yourself with the profiles of the different partnerships in the download box on the right side of this page. You are responsible for agreeing on the scope of teaching, the content and for preparing and organising travel. As soon as the exchange has been agreed between HSBA and the partner university, we will ask you to submit some documentation and will transfer the lump sum to you for your stay. The International Office will send you all of the necessary documents as well as a useful checklist.

The most important steps and facts:

  • Communicate with HSBA’s International Office
  • Make contact with the (potential) partner university
  • Agree on dates and prepare teaching programme in cooperation with the partner university
  • Ensure adequate insurance (e.g. personal liability insurance and health insurance)
  • Submit relevant ERASMUS+ documents before and after the Exchange
  • If possible, carry out the stay prior to 1 February of the year (due to ERASMUS+ interim report)
  • Teaching load is credited in the subsequent year 

Subsidies for travel costs and expenses through ERASMUS+ funding

The home university (HSBA) will bear the costs. Subsidies can be granted for travel costs, accommodation costs and additional subsistence costs.

If you have any further queries on ERASMUS+ teaching mobility, please do not hesitate to contact HSBA’s International Office.

Per diem rates will be paid in accordance with the corresponding provisions by the Federal Ministry of Finance. You can find the per diem and overnight rates for abroad here.