Tanja Goudarzi Pour

Tanja is a London-based angel investor, mentor, consultant and lecturer in finance, entrepreneurship and organisational behaviour. After a long-term career in investment banking, she now focuses on evaluating angel investments and early stage financing opportunities, privately and in syndicate form. She works with a number of UK-based accelerators and a wider investor universe, including venture capital funds. 
During her time as banker, Tanja held senior director positions in structured finance and loan syndication. Her specialisation was in the entire value chain from sourcing, advising, structuring, issuance of and investment in debt capital market instruments, acting for the banks she worked with and on behalf of large international corporate and financial institution clients, mostly across Europe.
Prior to this, Tanja worked as a management consultant and in the education sector. 
She holds an international M.B.A. and a degree in mathematics and business administration (Diplom-Mathematikerin). She studied at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, The Netherlands; the University of Michigan, USA; RWTH Aachen Technical University, Germany; and York University, U.K.