Susanne Dahncke


Susanne Dahncke is an expert in family-owned companies. After studying business administration, she prepared to succeed the family-owned company as marketing director, but decided to leave the company two years later. The gap between their own goals and the expectations of the family and business environment was too great. In her training as a coach and systemic consultant, she learned to grasp the dynamics between the company and the family. She has been using her personal experience and her psychological, systemic and entrepreneurial knowledge for many years and accompanies entrepreneurial children and entrepreneurial families in a generational change. She coaches successors and sibling teams and leads family workshops for the preparation of succession plans and family constitution. Susanne Dahncke is married for the second time, has two adult sons and lives in Hamburg. She is a co-author of the practical manual Feminine Succession published by Springer Verlag in 2016.