Roger Graves


I was born in Southampton, England, and studied in London in the Swinging Sixties. Being interested in languages and foreign cultures, I decided to become a teacher of English as a foreign language and have spent virtually all my professional life outside England. I have taught at a variety of institutions, both state and private, and in different countries: Spain, Switzerland, Iran (before the Revolution!) and Germany. After two years in Frankfurt and another two in Münster, I came to Hamburg in 1978 on a self-employed basis, teaching at first in various companies and translating business documents.

In the last ten years I have concentrated on my work at two private universities in the city and have been at HSBA right from the beginning. My main hobby is acting and I belong to the Hamburg Players, the oldest English-language theatre group in Hamburg (for love), and also do voice-over work for films (for money!). I have three children, who have all now completed their education and are working either in Hamburg or Frankfurt.