Prof. Dr. Stefan Okruch


Stefan Okruch (born in 1965) studied Business Administration and Economics at the University of Bayreuth (Dip.-Volkswirt 1992) and subsequently became a Research Assistant at the Chair of Economic Theory (Dr. rer. Pol., 1997). He accompanied the development of the Max Planck project group (now: MPI) for the research of common goods in Bonn.

Following a professorship in Kassel, he was appointed to Andrássy University Budapest (AUB) in 2002, where he was a lecturer in economic policy before being appointed university professor in 2005 (Dr. rer. Stefan Okruch worked in Budapest as a founding dean of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science for International Relations (2003-2008); since 2009 he is the Deputy Rector of the AUB.

Stefan Okruch is amongst others the winner of the Walter Eucken Prize and teaches in Budapest and Hamburg regularly in Bayreuth (MBA Health Care Management) and Friedrichshafen. His research interests lie at the interface of law and economics and include, inter alia. (Behavioural) Economic Analysis of Law, New Institutional Economics, Competition Policy, Health Economics and Policy.

Prof. Okruch has been associated with the HSBA since 2006, and since 2009 a cooperation agreement between AUB and HSBA is in place. Since 2009, he is responsible for the module "Decision Making and Economic Behaviour" (MA / MBA) and teaches behavioural economics.