Petra Zimmermann-Bargstedt


Petra Zimmermann-Bargstedt worked in the banking sector for many years before focusing on personal and organizational development and transformation as a consultant. She draws on her experience as a credit analyst (Bankfachwirtin/ Bank Akademie /IHK) and numerous leadership and change management qualifications. Petra is a certified Business Coach, NLP Master (Society of NLP) and additionally certified for Potential Analyses and an authorized Changesetter ® Consultant (ActteeChange).

During her career in a Swedish Bank in Germany she worked with corporate and institutional clients and led a team across multiple locations. Due to her involvement in a major change management project for the bank she knows how people move through mental journeys during the cycle of change. Her analytical background allows her to view people and processes holistically. Therefore, she is guided by the question, “how can we support people in organizations and involve various stakeholders to work together and contribute to sustainable success?”