Mohammad Ali Rahimi


Ali Rahimi supports ambitious companies to gain the technical expertise necessary to thrive in a digital world. Mr. Rahimi’s experience in design thinking, prototyping and digital product development in collaboration with multinational companies, enables him to balance user needs with design and technology.
In his current role as senior manager at IKOR Mr. Rahimi helps industry leading insurances to provide digitalized services.
Moreover, as a speaker and lecturer he inspires his audience and students with new technologies and trends, delivering hands-on innovation methods and technology training that enable professionals to create digital products, platforms and APIs.
In his former role as co-founder and managing director at Seamless Interaction he
collaborated with market leaders to create digital products.
Previous to Seamless Interaction, Mr. Rahimi was a founding member of the Ambient Intelligence Institute at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, where he participated in realizing the Living Place Hamburg, one of the first smart home laboratories of Europe.