Lasse Klein


The career of Lasse Klein began in 2011 as a dual degree student studying Bachelor of Arts in Media Management at deepblue networks AG. In the change between university and agency he looked after customers like Gerolsteiner, Reemtsma, Unilever and Migros. He has remained loyal to Switzerland and now oversees the customer advisory services of his department and thus the Swatch online budget, the Migros App Budget, otelo and the Ernsting's Family App budget. As an extension of the existing expertise in digital communication, Lasse Klein completed his MSc in Marketing and Communication during his weekend studies. In addition, he is entrusted with the task of the trend scout at deepblue networks AG.
Due to the scientific background and the continuous strategic work with his customers on new digital communication concepts and services, he always cares for his customers in a technically sound and up-to-date manner and gladly shares his digital know-how in keynotes at companies, at universities or at conferences. On the basis of successfully initiated projects such as the "learning to read the clock" app from the Swiss children's watch brand Flik Flak, the knowledge of digital brand management with added value is revealed.