Dr. Joachim Schneegans



  • Study of mathematics and economics as Diplom-mathematician, University of Paderborn, graduation as Dr. med. rer.pol. on the subject: Capital Structure Management, Liquidity Risk and LBO Valuation, University of Freiburg.

Professional Background:

  • Researcher at the Freiburg Center for Data Analysis and Modeling (FDM), University of Freiburg, Quantitative Treasury Analyst, IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG Düsseldorf
  • Head of Asset Securitization, Hamburgische Landesbank, Hamburg
  • Senior Structurer HSH Nordbank AG, Hamburg and Kiel
  • GF SQF Analytic Solutions GmbH since 2006. Focuses on Quantitative Risk Management, Data Mining and Complex Refinancing www.qs-finance.com