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Hamburg Insurance Innovation Day: Start-ups

Overview of the Start-ups

Learn more about the start-ups that will take part in the Hamburg Insurance Innovation Day on 29 May 2018!

In 20 presentations of 20 minutes each, you will have the opportunity to find out more about the start-ups and their business ideas and exclusively get in contact with them.

Adam Riese

Adam Riese is a digital insurance company characterised by simple, high quality products. Adam Riese is the digital brand of the W & W Group and consistently adjusts its pricing according to individual needs and risks. Adam Riese is aimed at customers who want to compare prices and products through brokers or even online. The first product went live in October 2017, a private liability insurance. This is available through pool brokers, the comparison portals Check24 and Verivox as well as directly via the website.

Representative: Dr. Christian Wolter, Head of Marketing, Communication & Website Management



A digital platform for commercial insurance. With bi: sure consultants and customers receive a one-stop solution. A digital platform for bid research, comparison, bidding, consulting and application submission - including online contract maintenance. In cooperation with leading broker pools, brokers can handle your business efficiently and smart completely digitally.

Representative: Ulf Papke, Managing Director and Founder, bisure GmbH


CodeCamp:N Nürnberg

In CodeCamp:N new codes are created. We develop digital financial and insurance services of tomorrow. We are a think-tank  for FinTech products, which have their beginning in free and wild thinking. We are incubators for innovative ideas. As a visionary tech company, our young team of creatives, business developers and tech talents brings digital and user-oriented generation 4.0 service products to market.

Representative: Dominik Schön, Tech Lead



Crowdheroes is digitising the German insurance industry and becoming the leading provider of insurance services in social networks. With our self-developed auction model and the Crowdheroes app, customers can now choose how much they want to pay for their insurance. With the strength and purchasing power of large communities, customers can save up to 30% on their insurance premiums. In addition, our Crowdheroes community will not only have the power to influence prices, but also what products will be offered.



A new dimension: cysmo® - automated cyber risk assessment in real time! The unique cyber risk rating tool, cysmo®, measures a company's risk analysis from an attacker's perspective within just a few minutes and measures the probability of success of potential cyberattacks. With just a few simple entries and no prior technical knowledge, cysmo® offers an ideal complement to previous assessment procedures such as questionnaires and audits. In addition, cysmo® looks at publicly available data without penetrating the infrastructure of a company. Insurers are enabled through integrated benchmarking, industry comparison, portfolio management and accumulation risk detection. Also relevant risks to cyber policy creation such as third party damage, business interruption, data protection, criminal law, etc. can be assigned to the collected data. cysmo® carries the IT trustmark "IT Security made in Germany".



As a fully digital BaFin-licensed property-casualty insurer, ELEMENT focuses exclusively on business with partners and thus has a B2B2X approach. ELEMENT offers online platforms, e-commerce players, intermediaries and other insurers the opportunity to offer their end customers insurance products with their own brand - Insurance as a Platform (IaaP).

Representative: Richard Hector, Chief Sales Officer



Getsafe is one of the pioneers in the European Insurtech scene. The startup from Heidelberg bundles the health, life and property sectors in one contract and thus creates a completely new "customer experience". The various types of insurance are offered as modules within a contract and can be easily added, adjusted and deselected. Even a direct claim with their specially developed Chatbot is possible. Getsafe is supported by renowned partners such as Munich Re - one of the world's largest reinsurers - as well as leading venture capital investors such as Partech Ventures and Commerzbank.

Representative: Karl Grandl, Chief Insurance Officer



Since 2015, the Insurance Hero GmbH with the brand HAFTPFLICHT HELDEN belongs to the InsurTech pioneers. Consistent alignment with the user and uncompromising product quality are essential guidelines of the corporate culture. Market participants regularly confirm a benchmark character to a number of aspects concerning the design.

Representative: Stefan Herbst, CXO/Founder



KASKO offers InsurTech as a Service. It enables insurers to digitise and then scale new or existing insurance services without having to resort to their own IT resources. KASKO not only supports flexible and API-based middleware, but also provides advice on product development, go-to-market and ongoing optimisation.

Representative: Nikolaus Sühr, Co-Founder & CEO



knowhere is a Hamburg-based agency founded in 2015. Their work focuses on the development of conversational interfaces. Implementing intelligent chatbots and voice assistant skills (Alexa) or actions (Google) is your specialty.

The platform is designed to offer you a chatbot on different channels. Whether web widget, Facebook Messenger or Amazon Alexa - their bots are in use when needed and are suitable for a variety of applications such as first-level customer support, marketing campaigns or e-commerce strategies.

Representative: tba



Data visualized video communication for the insurance industry! The Personal Content Machine supports insurance companies in the digital customer dialogue. Secondly, content technology generates emotional films from records. The highlight: Each film appeals to the customer individually and personally. This means that all business transactions of an insurer can be individually explained, offers can be individually supported or customers can be welcomed personally. The goal: The customer is surprised with the personalised and individual approach and addressed as he wishes it today and in the future. The right means to get into the customer's heart, to be understood and to increase the NPS.

Representative: Dennis Ullmann, Account Manager, Mjoo GmbH



Nect has been researching since 2015 and was first introduced in June 2016. The goal is to deliver the new digital identity standard for the insurance industry in 2018. The use of leading-edge technology and in-house research results allows a regulatory-safe yet user-friendly process. Nect supports digitalisation - as an intermediary we want to enable our products to make the digital connection from insurer to customer as trusting and simple as the valued analog handshake.

Representative: Benny Bennet Jürgens, CEO



Neodigital Versicherung AG is a digital property and casualty insurer, which markets its own Neodigital products private liability, livestock holder liability, household contents and accident over unbound distribution partners.
The company focuses on the consistent process digitalisation of the entire value chain. Furthermore, Neodigital enables selected distribution partners to design their own individualised insurance products via a product configurator. Supplemented by the white label option, the product can also be marketed by sales partners under its own brand via existing sales channels.

Representative: Stephen Voss, Founder and CEO Sales & Marketing



ONE - Europe's first 100% digital, fully licensed insurance service provider! ONE is the first digital all-round insurer in Europe. Users can sign up for insurances that can be cancelled on a monthly basis via smartphone and within a few minutes. For now this service is available for household contents and liability insurance. Damage is reported directly through the app and paid in more than 60 percent of the cases on the same day. With no claims, money is given back - or the opportunity to donate for a good cause is provided.

Representative: Alexander Huber, Co-Founder & Marketing Responsible



Picsure offers artificial intelligence based insurance solutions through its AI platform. On this platform, insurers can put together machines with just a few clicks that have been specially trained for insurance-related tasks. This includes, for example, Object Recognition, which allows you to recognise, rate and insure objects within seconds simply by using a photo. Equally, machines are available to provide automated fraud support through fraud detection. Extensive statistics and functionalities also allow insurers to take a look into the future and create novel product solutions using the Picsure AI platform. As a result, insurers can react quickly and agile to potential market trends.

Representative: Enrico Bolloni, CEO



profino - the online fair for insurance intermediaries for the first time creates a central network for intermediaries in the form of an installation-free online platform. With profino, agents and their employees can quickly and easily

  • educate themself at any time free of charge and online according to the applicable requirements,
  • get in touch with insurance companies, experts, service providers via chat and easily get answers to their questions,
  • find all advisory documents across companies in a few seconds,
  • network with one another.

The choice of the device does not matter: profino is responsive and developed according to the "mobile first" approach. profino is an online platform that is accessible around the clock all year round. At the same time, the portal offers exactly the advantages of an offline exhibition that is appreciated by the target group: networking with colleagues, visits to congresses and exhibition stands as well as opportunities for further education.

Representative: Tilman Freyenhagen, CEO, profino/Alsterspree


SkenData - Wert14

With the Wert14 tool, SkenData revolutionises the value and risk assessment of real estate. It is a procedure that determines exact building values ​​within seconds. The calculation of the building insurance sum is particularly efficient and simple with the help of Wert14 - an address as an indication is sufficient. For an even more precise value estimation, only minimal input is needed.

The geoinformatics-based technology accesses the real estate and cadastral data of more than 51 million buildings in Germany. In addition, official 3D building data and aerial photographs are evaluated for the creation of the realistic building images. Above all, insurers, intermediaries and insurance brokers benefit from more security and significantly lower valuation costs.

Representative: Sven Jantzen, Managing Director


Smart InsurTech GmbH

Smart InsurTech GmbH operates a web-based insurance platform for managing and advising insurance and pension products as well as contracts. The fully integrated system connects processes and data flows of insurance companies and distributors, and with its modern technology, enables fast and direct contracting, event-related product comparisons, concept consulting and efficient inventory management. The highly automated processes of the platform lead to significant cost advantages and sustainable business success of our customers. Smart InsurTech GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hypoport AG, which is listed on the Prime Standard at Deutsche Börse. Hypoport was admitted to the SDAX at the end of 2015.

Representative: Gerhard Kremer, Sales Smart InsurTech GmbH, Chairman NKK Programm Service AG



As an innovative company from Hamburg, sum.cumo® has specialised in holistic corporate digitalisation. We accompany companies from the insurance and lottery industry in new ways: to better understand your customers. To develop your brands. Developing new sales channels and technologically orienting yourself to the most modern players in the market - or even setting benchmarks for yourself. Companies are increasingly looking for partners to help them with the digital transformation. Or when it comes to building entirely new, purely digital projects. sum.cumo® has focused its entire strategy on bringing these companies to full success. We lay the foundation for this with our expert knowledge on the topics of digital strategy, brand, communication, technology, operations and marketing. Our USP is our experience, but above all the success of our fully digital customers.

Representative: Björn Freter, Founder/Managing Director



wefox wants to make the insurance experience transparent, simple and digital for the end customer, as well as taking relationships between end users, intermediaries and insurances to a new level. The successful InsurTech company wefox was founded in November 2014 in Switzerland. We work customer-oriented and operate within the ecosystem of brokers and insurance companies. We are the guide through the insurance world. wefox effectively combines state-of-the-art technology with traditional insurance industry knowledge. So far, we have convinced more than 125,000 customers. We offer our B2B and B2C solutions to our target group.

Representative: Roman Matyushkin, Recruitment & Employee Development Manager


From the Other Start-ups Information will Follow Soon!

Knowhere | Neodigital 

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