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Responsible Management Education

Principles for Responsible Management Education

HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration has undertaken to observe the six Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) of the UN in 2010. These principles correspond in full to HSBA's objective of training responsible future managers who base their actions on the model of the honourable merchant. This approach stems from the conviction that ethical corporate governance in companies is ultimately only possible if it is already treated as an important issue when educating the executives.

When we signed the Principles for Responsible Management Education developed in 2007, we undertook to transmit the values of the UN Global Compact to the academic world. In 2000, the Global Compact of the United Nations formed a network together with companies and NGOs from around the world for the implementation of standards of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), in particular the protection of human rights, fair labour standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption in business. In excess of 5,000 companies, organisations and universities from 120 countries already subscribe to the UN Global Compact.

The aim is to take part in projects with social or environmental responsibility or to design the course of studies such that the research and teaching allows us to educate our students to become responsible future entrepreneurs and executives

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