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Unconventional Interview with Professor Zaeh

The planning for the VIII. Finance Conference on 6 June have begun - the perfect timing to talk to the initiator of the conference and ask him some unconventional questions.

The Finance Conference on 6 June is all about FinTechs this year. Interested? Then sign up here. But now we wish you a good time with reading the unconventional interview with professor Philipp Zaeh!

1. What was the best decision in your career?
To follow my heart and my mind together whenever I was in the situation of an important decision for my future career.

2. If you could meet a famous person, who would it be and why?
It would be my parents and grandfathers when they were young. In my opinion, they are famous…

3. What profession did your parents imagine for you?
Every profession that was chosen by myself. They were always loving and supporting me in every decision I took.

4. If you were an animal, which one would you be and why?
A bird. Flying with your own wings must be so exciting. Seeing the beautiful world from above and feeling
the wind in your wings!

5. The funniest joke you know?
Happens every day in my day-to-day life and is always spontaneous. I like to laugh and wonder about myself.

6.  What is your number 1 karaoke hit?
Pointer Sisters “I´m so excited” together with A. B.

7. If you were to publish a book about your life, what title would it have? “A Life without Risk is like no Life at all”8. Who is your childhood hero? Winnetou, and he still is!9. Your secret business idea? I am very happy with my job actually, but perhaps “Adventure Tours” online…?10. Which three goals do you have for your future? See the world, be cautious with your body and love love love...Thank you for your time, Philipp!

Prof. Dr. Philipp Zaeh
Prof. Dr. Philipp Zaeh