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VFF Annual Reception: What is the Glue for Social Coexistence?

Lecture and discussion with WDR Director Tom Buhrow on the importance of public media.

Last night at the annual reception of the Association of Friends & Sponsors (Verein der Freunde & Förderer der HSBA e.V.) our numerous guests, including members of the association, students and company representatives, had the opportunity to meet and discuss with the renowned journalist and former anchorman of the Tagesthemen, Tom Buhrow.  

Buhrow started off with taking a look to the US where for several years now Donald Trump has been using the media to drive the division of society. With interesting examples he showed up parallels between the Old and the New World making clear that in five to ten years Germany could be facing similar social challenges as the US. But with this in mind, what is the role of public service broadcasting today and why is it still relevant and important? Tom Buhrow made clear the importance of an independent provision of information to all people in one country as a means of social cohesion. The need for trustworthy news from an independent public service broadcaster in his opinion is larger than ever and holds the potential to further “glue” the society together. A truly impressive evening with a lot of food for thought for all guests!

We thank all participants and members of the association for the active participation and their support. Special thanks go to Senator Ian K. Karan, Chairman of the Association of Friends and Supporters of the HSBA e.V., for his introductory words and the enthusiasm with which he advances the further development of the HSBA.

Jahresempfang 2019
Jahresempfang 2019
Jahresempfang 2019