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Our Year in Review: Evaluation and Progress Report 2019

The annual Evaluation and Progress Report provides a comprehensive overview of the quality improvements in the Bachelor and Master programmes in the academic year 2018/2019, internal and external evaluations, as well as an outlook for the coming academic year. Here's a selection of the major highlights.

We are delighted to present our latest HSBA Evaluation and Progress Report, which has been published for the fourth time in a row now. The report enables us to shine a light on the university activities of the last academic year. Within this report the central pillars of HSBA - studies and teaching - are evaluated in terms of their quality both internally and externally in order to be developed even further. The annual Evaluation and Progress Report is a summary of the quality improvements in study and teaching and provides an overview of the various measures that were taken in the past academic year to further advance the HSBA.


In the academic year of 2018/2019, three courses (MBA Corporate Management, BSc Business Informatics and BSc Media Management & Communication) successfully completed the internal re-accreditation process, which provided valuable impulses for further development and quality improvement. HSBA itself was also re-accredited by the Science Council for another five years, thus confirming its achievements in teaching and research.

Reflection of Study Programmes

In addition to various internal and external evaluations such as the teacher and company surveys or the CHE ranking, the instrument "study programme reflection" has been developed and implemented. With the study programme reflection, it is now possible to examine individual study programmes based on data - using KPIs - from different perspectives.

Didactic Bites

The Didactic Bites were designed as a common exchange and input format for the further development of teaching, in which one professor presents a current didactic topic. In the past academic year, Flipped Classrooms, project-based learning and the playful teaching of mathematical models were discussed. Planned topics for the coming year are e.g. Open Book Exams or Sustainable Innovation Camps.

Manual for Quality Management

The manual for Quality Management is part of HSBA’s quality approach, with which the university would like to work even more on its profile as one of the leading dual business schools in Germany. The handbook was published for the third time in autumn 2019, adapted to the latest requirements from the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs, model law ordinances and draft laws.

A big thank you goes to everyone who has supported us, directly or indirectly - in small and large round tables, in conferences, lounges or even by filling in standardised questionnaires - in identifying potential and developing suitable measures to improve quality.