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New Financing Model for HSBA Students: Income Share Agreements (ISA)

In partnership with CHANCEN eG HSBA now offers a fair financial solution to all Master students, ensuring everyone has equal opportunities.

The Income Share Agreements (ISA) ensure equal access to education with a fair financial solution, irrespective of your current financial status. With the ISA, students can focus on their studies at the HSBA, while CHANCEN eG takes care of their tuition fees. In exchange, students commit to affording future generations with the same opportunity. Once they start working and earn above the minimum income threshold, they start making income-based repayments. The repayment plan is tailored to suit each individual’s financial capacity and – contrary to regular loans - there is no fixed amount of debt. Also the repayment value is capped and reaches a maximum amount. A high income does not mean that the repayments are excessively high.

Prof. Dr. Inga Schmidt-Ross, Vice President Academic & Management Education, Quality Management and Professor for Marketing, is thrilled about the cooperation:

“We at HSBA are convinced that motivation, honourable action and innovative thinking are the basis for professional success. The Income Share Agreements (ISA) therefore fits in so well with us as a financing model, since it enables students to decouple study and the payment of tuition fees by paying back tuition fees only after graduation and depending on their income. This makes it possible to study independently of one’s own financial background and thus corresponds perfectly with the basic philosophy of our application-oriented university”.

For a detailed account of all conditions regarding specific study programmes please follow this link: