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IX. HSBA Finance Conference

This year, the annual HSBA conference on finance focused on the topic of growth capital and discussed current issues relating to the newly established venture capital (VC) fund.

With this year's Finance Conference, HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration held its 9th specialist conference on current issues in the financial sector under the direction of Prof. Dr. Philipp E. Zaeh. Growth capital is only insufficiently available in Germany. This year the focus of the event was therefore on the topic of the "Hamburg Innovation Growth Fund (HIWF)". Current issues relating to the newly established venture capital (VC) fund were discussed.

After a welcoming address by Dr. Uve Samuels, Managing Director of HSBA, and a greeting by Dr. Joachim Seeler, Member of the Executive Board of Finanzplatz Hamburg e.V. and Member of the State Executive of Hamburg's SPD, Senator Dr. Andreas Dressel, Senator of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, was able to clearly illustrate the comprehensive support measures of the city state in the area of venture capital investments. He referred in particular to the "anchor investment" of the City of Hamburg in the new Innovation Growth Fund (HIWF), which will significantly facilitate the development and fundraising. He also referred to the broad availability and access to start-up and growth capital in Hamburg.

In the contribution by Matthias Grychta, Managing Partner of Neuhaus Partners GmbH, the perspectives and critical success factors of the Hamburg Innovation Growth Fund (HIWF) as well as the status quo and current challenges in fundraising of the fund were discussed. The focus was on the question of which investment strategy the newly founded VC fund should pursue. Here it emerged that the fund is positioned in the area of follow-up financing (Series A), which currently has little capital. The investment strategy also focuses primarily on "software".

In the concluding panel discussion, moderated by Prof. Dr. Philipp E., the investment strategy will be focused primarily on the area of software. During the panel discussion, Zaeh's speakers had the opportunity to deepen and intensify the discussion of the above issues. After the closing remarks, also by Prof. Dr. Philipp E. Zaeh, the conference participants could discuss the issues in more detail during a get-together with all guests.

Digital Week 2019
HSBA - Finance Conference 2019
Dr. Uve Samuels, Dr. Andreas Dressel, Prof. Dr. Philipp E. Zaeh, Dr. Joachim Seeler, Matthias Grychta