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The Institute for Mittelstand and Family Firms Brings FIFU 2021 to Hamburg

The 11th conference of the German-speaking Network of Chairs of Family Businesses (FiFU) will be hosted by HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration in 2021.

On February 25 and 26, 2021, the IMF, Institute for Mittelstand (Small and Medium-sized Businesses) and Family Firms at HSBA, will host the 11th conference of German-speaking research centers and institutes for family enterprises (FIFU). The conference motto chosen by the IMF is "Duality of Family Enterprises" and focuses on the dialogue between theory and practice. Prominent company representatives will support the conference as keynote speakers or discussion participants.   

"The conference in Witten early this month was very successful and we are looking forward to continuing the family dialogue next year in Hamburg. We want to further expand established formats and have decided to place the conference under the motto "Duality", which is in line with the orientation of HSBA," explains Prof. Dr. Peter Klein, Professor for Family Business at HSBA and expert at IMF Hamburg.   

The German-speaking research centers and institutes for family businesses organised in the FIFU association exchange information on current research and practical issues relating to family businesses. At the FIFU annual conference, which is held alternately at the participating institutes, current results and research priorities are presented and scientific exchange is intensified in a family atmosphere.  

In addition to lectures by renowned researchers and scientists in the field of family businesses as well as from neighbouring fields, lecture and discussion rounds are organised for scientific exchange. Special attention is paid to the support of doctoral students. They have the opportunity to present and discuss their research projects in Research Panels. In March 2020 Johannes Völschau, HSBA doctoral student and IMF research assistant, presented at the Witten Institute for Family Business (WIFU) on the topic "Stability as a prerequisite for change using the example of family businesses".   

The Institute for Mittelstand and Family Firms is an independent institute under private management sponsored by HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration.