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Travelling Through Time: HSBA Wins Project Funding

With Martin Walker's crime novel "Germany 2064" HSBA has been chosen as one of ten winners for the "Eine Uni - ein Buch" programme by the Stifterverband and the Klaus Tschira Foundation. The project receives 10,000 € in financial support

Eine Uni Ein Buch youtube

Digitalisation and cultural change are topics that are present throughout HSBA’s training courses and study programmes, research activities and its corporate organisation. The university invites its students, staff and members of the general public to discuss the novel "Germany 2064 - A Future Thriller" by Martin Walker in a new event series themed "HSBA on Time Travel – Off to the Future". The core idea of ​​the competition "Eine Uni – ein Buch" is to allow for exchange amongst the university’s stakeholders and their identification with their university.

The detective novel by Martin Walker is neither dystopia nor utopia. It vividly addresses the societal consequences of and interactions with digitalisation on our leisure activities, our communication, our everyday private and professional life. In five events across several months, the hopes as well as the challenges of current changes are considered from a professional point of view.

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