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Grand Opening: SQUARE – the New Innovation Hub for Hamburg

By launching the new SQUARE HSBA Innovation Hub, the Hamburg School of Business Administration positions itself as a driver of economic innovation.

Last night the new innovation hub SQUARE was opened in the heart of Hamburg. SQUARE redefines the interaction between science and economy and provides companies with a thoroughly structured process in order to reinvent themselves for the digital age: scientifically sound and application-oriented at the same time. The SQUARE HSBA Innovation Hub is an independent affiliated company, shareholder is the Foundation for Advancing HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration. 

“In times of exponential change, we need exponential innovation", says SQUARE CEO Dr. Uve Samuels. SQUARE multiplies the innovative potential of business and science to create solutions that are progressive and applicable at the same time. 

Led by Christoph Wöhlke, CEO Budniskowsky, the Board of Innovators will support the SQUARE team as advisory committee. The BOI is made up of experts from various industries: 
Stephan Uhrenbacher, founder and CEO Density Venture, Henrik Falk, chairman Hamburger Hochbahn AG, Prof. Dr. Edlira Shehu, Copenhagen Business School, Dr. Hariolf Wenzler, CSO Baker McKenzie and chairman  HSBA Board of Governors HSBA, Matthias Schrader, founder and chairman SinnerSchrader, Lead Accenture Interactive DACH, Jörg Rheinboldt, CEO APX and Franziska von Lewinski, chairman fischerAppelt.

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