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Five Days - Five Topics: This was the First SQUARE Digital Week

For one week, experts from science and business, students, teachers, company representatives and founders met at the Innovation Hub of the HSBA at Adolphsplatz for a comprehensive exchange of ideas on topics and skills that determine the digital working world of today and tomorrow.

With over 1000 participants, 30 speakers and 10 events, the first SQUARE Digital Week came to a successful end. Dr. Uve Samuels, Managing Director of HSBA and CEO of SQUARE, is proud of this successful presentation of the SQUARE competence spectrum:


Prof. Dr. Susanne Hensel-Börner, Head of MSc Digital Transformation & Sustainability & Head of Department Marketing & Sales, draws a positive conclusion: "At the evening event on  "Sustainability", students used great project results to illustrate how digital transformation can be shaped in a sustainable way. Afterwards there were intensive discussion with teachers, company representatives and students - exactly the generation that is now making a name for itself - not only on Fridays.“

Prof. Dr. Michael Höbig, Head of MBA Corporate Management and Head of DI-Lab: "The examples presented at the Digital Lounge showed well that one does not have to fear the big word transformation (whether digital, sustainable or both together). If you cut the elephant in slices, you can achieve a change in a short period of time, even with small topics, and set positive signals that show transformation is also possible step by step and does not have to be radical."

Dr. Michael Schellenberg, lecturer for Marketing Management at the HSBA: "All the Insight Workshops were really successful. The exchange in small groups from different points of view was very effective. Not only were the workshop participantsable to gain new points of view, but also received concrete, practical recommendations for their own businesses".

A big thank you to all participants and speakers for their contributions and the friendly support! 

All topics at a glance:

Insight Sessions:  
Workshop „LEAN Start-Up“
Workshop „Blockchain meets A.I.“
Seminar „Responsible Business“
Workshop „Open Innovation“
Workshop „Social Media for Insider“

Speakers Corner „Corporate Innovation“
Discussion "L(i)eben robots?" AI and Robotics in Past, Present and Future
Digital Lounge "Sustainable Digital Culture" Cultural Change & Change Management"
Discussion "The Future of Work" Potentials and challenges of tomorrow's work
Diskussion „Like. Share. Buy!“

"The Digital Week is not a classic conference, but an open platform-networking format that brings together participants from different disciplines and perspectives. Through in-depth insight sessions and accompanying evening events, we conveyed relevant future skills and presented and discussed the main digital topics on a broad basis. We are very pleased that we were able to effectively challenge our SQUARE concept with Digital Week and we are enthusiastic about the positive feedback!

The five topics DIGIpreneur, Disruptive Trech, Sustainability, New Work and Social Media were all examined from different perspectives and angles. Questions such as: Which method do I use to make my start-up successful? Where does Germany stand in terms of AI and robotics research? What challenges do modern innovation processes pose for companies and employees? How can digital transformation be shaped in a sustainable way? And what opportunities and pitfalls does social media offer companies?

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