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Social Project: Digital Learning at the Veddel

Four of our BSc Business Informatics students developed a concept for digital learning at a school in the Veddel district in southern Hamburg. The project was part of their project management course.

The “Schule auf der Veddel” (SadV) is a special school with a low social index, where pupils from over 30 nations with different special educational needs learn together. Since 1909 the Hamburg premises of HSBA's partner company Aurubis have been located on the Veddel in direct vicinity of the SadV. Aurubis is particularly committed to this district and is - among other things - supporting social projects for good education. As part of this commitment, the company approached HSBA Professor Ann-Kathrin Harms, who is responsible for the project management course, with a request for support. And this came at just the right time: the students started working on their project "Digital Learning with iPads" in mid-March, just a few days before the curfew in Hamburg, which was imposed by the Corona pandemic, came into force. 

HSBA Soziales Studienprojekt Digitales Lernen
Photo: Schule auf der Veddel

"SadV (Schule auf der Veddel) is our partner school in the immediate vicinity of our Hamburg premises. Our neighbourhood is of particular importance to us and for many years we have been committed to good education in our direct surroundings," explains Stefanie Klein, responsible for event management and sponsoring at Aurubis. "Thanks to our long-standing contacts with the HSBA, which is an important partner for us in the field of education, we were able to bring this great cooperation to life. We are very pleased with the enlightening results of the students, which offer our commitment direct added value and - due to the current situation - could be applied immediately".


Thanks to the support provided by HSBA students in creating a concept for digital learning, which includes the evaluation of learning apps, touchpens and the setting up of the Apple School and AppleTV, SadV teachers can now use iPads to respond even better to the individual needs of children and provide targeted support and challenge. SadV has thus been able to significantly increase not only its attractiveness but also the media competence of its students. 

Philipp Herrmann, media coordinator at SadV, adds: "The project really is a complete success and a great benefit for all of us! With the help of the HSBA we have set up our first iPads for Year 5 and will use them for the first time in the school year 2020/21. The pupils have already been able to gain their first experiences and are looking forward to learning with the digital media and learning programmes!"


The Project:

The aim of the project was to use tablet computers to expand the educational opportunities at SadV and to be able to respond specifically to the different needs of the children. In particular, the new profile class from Year 5 was to be equipped with iPads in order to create an alternative to the offerings of the culture class, which offers a programme focusing on theater, museums and sports in the afternoons. 

During the three-week project phase, students equipped the iPads purchased by the school with previously evaluated (language) learning apps, tested the use of AppleSchool and AppleTV, selected suitable touchpens and created handouts with tips & tricks for use by teachers and the media coordinator. In addition, all iPads are stored with a profile configuration that is adapted to the individual learning profiles.


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