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Social Media Take-over: Unconventional Interview with Prof Klein

For the next two weeks, our students of the Media Management course 15 have taken over our social media channels Facebook and Instagram. Within this framework, they held a rather unconventional interview with Prof Klein.

Read Prof Klein's answers to the students questions here:

1.  What was the best decision in your career?
Uh. A question I need to think about: is there a single best decision? It depends (like always) on the alternative but you never experience that one. But I can say that I do not regret what I did in the past. I have been driven by a picture (today you would say a vision) of what I wanted to achieve: to take over responsibility and autonomy in decision taking. That was to climb up the career ladder as quickly as possible on the highest level of an organisation. And the decision was to put priority on this achievement and everything (and I mean everything) had been ranked on lower level.

2.  If you could meet a famous personality, who would it be and why?
The aspect of meeting a famous personality or celebrity has no real attraction to me. That does not mean that I would not like to meet personalities who stand for values, principles, success, commitment, responsibility etc. But thinking a while about your question, it would perhaps be JFK. Based on what I learned I am fascinated by his leadership and by taking over presidentship during difficult political and economic times.

3. What profession did your parents imagine for you?
My parents had no imagination of my profession at all. From my memory I decided on my own what to do after school. However, I commit to be influenced of course by my family environment. My father had been a product manager in the textile industry and my grandfather was a lecturer in economics. Frankly I would say: that left some marks.
4. If you were an animal, which one would you be and why?
Mmh. An animal. I would say: no specific one but it must be the one my wife is taking care of. There is no better alternative judging her anxiety and care for our two Spanish dogs.
5. The funniest joke you know?
I am really not good in telling jokes. But I like those which are situative, spontaneous and include to laugh at oneself.
6. Do you have a favorite place?
Oh yes. There are two of them: firstly: my favorite Olympic pool and secondly the woods around my home in Bendestorf - a great place for running and walking the dogs.
7. If you were to publish a book about your life, what title would it have?
Do you believe that somebody would really read that? But if you want to hear a title it would be: „Experiences: my lessons learned".
8. Who is your childhood hero?
Mr Spock.
9. Your secret business idea?
Hey - what about secrets? To be honest: I am no „business-generator“ or something like that. But based on my business experiences I believe in absolute customer orientation and creativity while providing solutions according to requests combined with persistency. That sounds perhaps a little bit generic but I can´t remember a better setup to achieve a flourishing business.
10. Which three goals do you have for your future?
It must be three? So, my top goal is: Keeping my self motivation for that what I am doing at the moment.

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Prof. Dr. Peter Klein
Prof. Dr. Peter Klein