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Research Commission from Gesundheitswirtschaft Hamburg

Gesundheitswirtschaft Hamburg GmbH, the association for health providers in Hamburg, has commissioned HSBA professor Dr. Kamyar Sarshar to undertake an analysis of the commercial potential of eHealth in Hamburg.

The potential analysis to be carried out as part of this research commission includes a detailed qualitative and quantitative survey of the commercial potential of eHealth in Hamburg. The survey will reveal strategic and operational recommendations for action that will be applied in the development and implementation of an interdisciplinary eHealth network in Hamburg. The first results are expected in the second quarter of 2017. The project will be led by Prof. Dr. Kamyar Sarshar.

HSBA brings its comprehensive experience in research project management to the fore on this project, as well as the expertise of its professors and their consultancy work. To manage the demands of this project, both in terms of time and content, and to provide the best possible analysis of the project, HSBA is cooperating with LSP Digital, who are providing their experience in the field of digital business models, and Statista, who are contributing their expertise in the design and implementation of quantitative surveys. The Digital Innovation Lab will provide the necessary infrastructure and methodology to validate the recommendation for action drawn from the survey.

Prof. Dr. Kamyar Sarshar
Prof. Dr. Kamyar Sarshar