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Our Academic Year in Review: The Evaluation and Progress Report 2019/2020

The annual Evaluation and Progress Report provides a comprehensive overview of the quality improvements in the Bachelor and Masters programmes in the academic year 2019/2020, internal and external evaluations as well as an outlook on the coming academic year. Here are some highlights.


We are delighted to present our latest HSBA Evaluation and Progress Report, which has been published for the fifth time in a row now. The annual report is a summary of the quality improvements in study and teaching and provides an overview of the various measures taken in the past academic year to drive HSBA forward.
External Evaluation - CHE Ranking  
In 2020, HSBA did particularly well in the university ranking of the Centre for Higher Education Development CHE, which analyses degree programmes in business administration and business informatics every three years. The Bachelor's students of the Business Administration degree programmes and the Business Information Systems degree programme rated their university above average. In 11 out of 15 categories, HSBA is represented in the respective top group in the business administration degree programmes, and in 8 out of 14 in the business informatics degree programme. This makes HSBA one of the best dual universities in a nationwide comparison.  
Compared to the CHE Ranking 2017, a significant improvement was achieved in the areas of interlinking theory and practice, examinations, support during studies and in the supervision by lecturers. It was also emphasised that 99.5% of the students in the dual Bachelor's programmes complete their studies in the standard period of study.  

Digitisation of teaching  
Internal evaluation  
Thanks to the technical infrastructure already in place at HSBA, the university was well prepared for the switch to online teaching right from the start of the Corona pandemic. With two broad surveys conducted after the theory phases of the two study tracks, an initial evaluation could be conducted. The results showed that overall students were satisfied with the implementation of the online teaching in summer 2020. In accordance with the circumstances, they attested HSBA a relatively smooth transition to online teaching. The technical requirements and in particular MS Teams as a platform for teaching were also rated positively by the students. In addition, it became clear that teachers should place even more emphasis on interactive elements than before, especially those formats that had already proven themselves from the students' point of view. 
Outlook: Digitisation project  
In order to be able to integrate online or hybrid teaching into the teaching concept at HSBA in a meaningful way in the long term, a project on digitalisation was launched in summer 2020 under the leadership of HSBA Didactics Officer Prof. Dr. Peter Scholz. The aim is to design a course with quantitative content in such a way that self-study and attendance times as well as online formats are optimally combined in terms of didactics and content. Teaching should be as varied as possible in order to encourage and challenge students in the best possible way, even in virtual mode. 


Campus 75 - our new home 
In spring 2020, HSBA moved into a building at Willy-Brandt-Strasse 75 that was designed for the special needs of a university, and was thus able to realise a significant improvement in both technical and spatial terms. In addition to offices, there are more than 50 rooms for studying and teaching with different capacities and equipment, which make many different learning methods possible due to their different design and flexible equipment. In addition, a spacious social space in the heart of the building provides the space and the right atmosphere for exchange among students, professors, lecturers and employees of HSBA.  
Sincere thanks go to everyone who supported us in this special year 2020 and stood firmly by our side: Students, alumni, professors, lecturers, the members of the VEEK, the Alumni Association e.V., our Board of Trustees and the Board of Governors, company representatives and, last but not least, our many friends and supporters. Without you, HSBA would not be what it is today.