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HSBA professor Dennis Ahrholdt published in renowned „Journal of Business Research“

Prof. Ahrholdt and his research partners from the Technical University of Hamburg Harburg and the Waikato Management School New Zealand have analysed more than 6000 real service customer data records that show: Companies should invest in customer delight. This, in addition to customer satisfaction, has a decisive influence on customer loyalty.

In addition, the study shows that investments in satisfaction or delight are not always reflected in an increase in customer loyalty, but customer segments have to be processed differently: There is a "non-effect zone" when the customer is delighted, but when that happens only rarely. Delight develops its strong customer loyalty potential only when this level is exceeded. Companies should therefore urgently invest in measures to delight their customers, at least occasionally.

"Non-effect zones" also exist at a very high level of satisfaction and delight. With limited budgets, it is sufficient to achieve only medium to high, but not very high levels of customer satisfaction or delight from an efficiency point of view.

The researchers also show that even if customers are identically satisfied or delighted, the more frequently the service has been used by a customer, the lower their effect on their customer loyalty. Larger investments are therefore needed for experienced customers.
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Dennis Ahrholdt