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HSBA Modernises Bachelor's Programme

New Bachelor's degree model for Business Administration guarantees contemporary, high-quality education

Starting in the academic year 2022, HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration will be offering the dual Bachelor's programme in Business Administration* (BSc) with significantly more options for choice and specialisation. The new modular system convinces both students and companies with its diverse combination options, new content, extensive focus areas (major & minor) and state-of-the-art teaching formats. 


"We want to ensure that our students continue to receive a contemporary, high-quality education in the future. That is why we have modernised our successful Bachelor's programme and made it even more attractive for students and partner companies," states Prof. Dr. Alkis Otto, Vice President Teaching & Didactics at HSBA. "With significantly more elective and specialisation options, greater use of digital teaching components and more intensive academic support, we are very well positioned for the future as a business school in Hamburg."  

The new structure and content of the dual Bachelor's programme in Business Administration (BWL) at HSBA is made up of the core curriculum and the elective area, which merge and complement each other perfectly. The core curriculum teaches the essential basics of business administration and includes new, highly topical content such as business psychology, sustainability or science and trends. From the second year onwards, students can choose a major (36 ECTS) or two minors (18 ECTS each) to deepen their interests and specialise in a specific area. There are six majors and eleven minors to choose from, which are tailored to the needs and interests of both students and partner companies.



The new structure and content of the dual Bachelor's degree programme in Business Administration was also evaluated positively by HSBA student representatives during the internal accreditation process: "We feel that the individuality offered by this new structure is a great improvement," explain HSBA student representatives Jakob Deichmann, Oskar Reichmann, Alessandro di Sciullo, Louisa Krams and Svend Wünsch. "The students are thus able to get the right theoretical training for their interests and future fields of application in cooperation with their company. In addition, the inclusion of current core modules such as sustainability or business psychology is, in our view, an important step that ensures up-to-date degrees and good career opportunities."   

The dual study programme in Business Administration at HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration combines a demanding practice-based, business administration degree programme with systematic training in a partner company. The relevant specialist knowledge is taught on the individual sub-areas of business administration and applied during the practical phases in the various departments of the company. HSBA was founded in 2004 as the Business School of the Hamburg Economy and is currently the academic partner of more than 1,000 students and 300 companies. 


*The internal re-accreditation procedure for the degree programme was successfully completed in December 2021.