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HSBA Finance Club: Student Committee Launches Finance Blog

Our student finance experts from the HSBA Finance Club Committee are launching their new blog with monthly market updates and stock analyses.

Whether you are a finance professional or a beginner, the HSBA Finance Club brings together all those interested in finance at HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration. Xenia Krouptchenkova, BSc Business Administration, Alessandro di Sciullo, BSc Business Administration, Christoph Schade, BSc International Management and Christoph Thurow, BSc Logistics Management, have been regularly exchanging views on the important topics in the industry and discussing everything that moves the world of finance since summer 2020. They discovered their interest in the financial market even before they started their studies and were able to deepen it both at HSBA and at their cooperation companies. With their passion, they now hope to inspire others as well.

"We really enjoy dealing with the topic of finance and also want to inspire other students and interested parties, bring them closer to the world of finance and learn from each other," explains Xenia Krouptchenkova, from the leadership team of the HSBA Finance Committee and BSc Business Administration student. "With our new blog, we want to create a space for discussion and establish a long-term project that will also be carried on by subsequent generations of students at HSBA."

The new blog is essentially a blog by students for students, but of course it is suitable also for all other interested parties. The editorial team around the four founders consists of committed students from different fields and years of study, who are free to create their own content and contributions. The blog will offer a broad variety of content from basic articles for beginners to more complex subjects like Mergers & Acquisitions. Fixed formats which will be published at the beginning of each month include the market update and a stock analysis. In addition, another two articles on current topics are scheduled per month.  

Finance expert Professor Dr. Peter Scholz, Professor of Business Administration with a focus on Banking at HSBA, is also pleased with the students' enthusiasm: "I am really impressed by the Finance Committee's commitment and am happy to be their sparring partner. This intensive engagement with the different areas of finance is a great practical exercise and will certainly pay off for the students later on.

The HSBA Finance Committee regularly organises competitions and events, such as a stock market simulation or online expert lectures with interesting companies and personalities from the industry. Further, interesting live formats are already being planned for the near future – circumstances permitting.

Der Finance Club auf Instagram: @hsbafinanceclub

HSBA Finance Club Committee Team: 

Xenia Krouptchenkova, Lloyd Fonds AG

Christoph Schade, Hapag-Lloyd AG (above right) 

Christoph Thurow, Hapag-Lloyd AG (bottom left) 

Alessandro di Sciullo, ASG | Asche Stein Glockemann Verstl Wiezoreck (bottom right)