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Graduation Ceremony 2016 - HSBA Reaches A New Record

In this year, HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration has once again set a new record as a university of economics with more than 920 students enrolled at HSBA.

In this year, HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration has once again set a new record as a university of economics with more than 330 students commencing their studies – with 250 new enrolments in the Bachelors’ courses and more than 80 in the Masters’ programmes. “This takes us over the 900 mark” declared a delighted Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Schmidt-Trenz, University President. For the next academic year there are more than 920 students enrolled at HSBA.

As a highlight for this closing academic year, Schmidt-Trenz pointed to HSBA being the first Hamburg university to win the Premium Award from accreditation agency FIBAA. HSBA received this seal of approval for two of its Masters’ courses – a level of commendation awarded to only two percent of all accredited courses in the whole of Germany. The mentoring programme that received particular praise has now also been offered in the MBA Shipping course. Students each receive a mentor from the German Shipbuilding Association who shares their network, and is on hand to lend an experienced ear and to offer advice. In looking back over the year, Schmidt-Trenz referred to another milestone, the opening of the Digital Innovation Lab. In the DI-Lab, HSBA offers companies the opportunity to develop their digital business models, removed from the daily business activities, all while benefiting from the university’s expertise.

This graduation ceremony was also the first time that HSBA had waved farewell to graduates of the Corporate Management Masters and Bachelors’ students majoring in “Trade Management” and “Sustainable Leadership”. Vice-president Prof. Dr. Goetz Greve also honoured Charleen Arlt from Beiersdorf AG and Niklas Gläser from KPMG as graduating top of their class. The two Bachelor graduates finished their studies with a grade of 1.3 (with 1 as the highest). As HSBA values not only academic performance, students were also commended for their high levels of engagement, for example in the Social Committee, in the HSBA Band or in sport. “We want to motivate people to look beyond study and work” said Ian K. Karan, Head of the Friends and Supporters of HSBA, “Hamburg needs young people who are ready and willing to shake things up, to make changes and to bring in new ideas.”

At the end of the ceremony, Director Dr. Uve Samuels made it clear that high-level, practice-oriented courses are only possible where they are provided in close collaboration between academia and the business world. It is all about constantly working to win and keep the trust of businesses by performing well. According to Samuels. “Our company surveys for this year only confirm that it is worth it. Ninety-nine percent of our partner companies were satisfied or very satisfied with HSBA. Although this result might seem Stalin-esque on first glance, we are very proud of it, and see in it a challenge to keep improving.”