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First Hackathon at the HSBA

8 teams, 28 hours, 43 participants - the very first hackathon since HSBA was founded ended with success and great enthusiasm on the part of all participants. A total of four teams were awarded a prize.

Last weekend, at the very first HSBA Hackathon, students and alumni jointly generated ideas and developed prototypes for the HSBA of the future. Eight teams, who had to qualify in advance, worked for two days and one night on their ideas on the topic "HSBA Community".  At the end they presented their projects to a top-class jury with representatives from the Hamburg economy. The aim of the first HSBA Hackathon was to develop ideas for the coexistence of students, alumni, university staff, professors and partner companies and to develop concrete solutions in form of prototypes using Design Thinking methods.

All 43 participants, from freshmen to alumni, worked late into the night and still had a lot of fun. The atmosphere at SQUARE was electrifying, positive and cooperative throughout: There was much laughter, discussion and concentration, the teams exchanged ideas, fevered for each other and celebrated together. For motivation there were inspiring keynotes from guest speakers and professional support from numerous mentors. Common meals, a lounge for creative breaks as well as a relaxed working atmosphere provided the framework.   

We thank all participants, the jurors, the guest speakers and mentors, the sponsors - especially the Association of Friends & Sponsors and last but not least the organisation team for their commitment and support!

The Winners:

1st place: Studentenfutter, Team: Leonie von Bismarck, Till Tornieporth, Levke Zanter, Katharina Hess, Leonhard Wenzler

Idea: Studentenfutter is a podcast from students for students, which offers contents around study, science and economy.

2nd place: Xperience, Team "Entré": Jessica Dornig, Tom Gaycken, Kevin Wegner, Martin Schlachta, Hai Anh Vu

Idea: Xperience is an ecosystem that aims to strengthen the connections between students, alumni, teachers and companies and to promote the implementation of theoretical content.

3rd place: HerzSBA, Team "Amigos Innovativos": Tim Köster, Benedikt Lorberg, Marcel Klimpel, Wibke Sist, Moritz Knackstedt, Max Strache

Idea: HerzSBA would like to strengthen the mindset at HSBA in favour of more social commitment and support more projects that serve the common good. For example, activities such as cleaning up the Elbe beach are intended to promote the spirit and cohesion of the university.

Special prize: HSBA Family Day, Team "Underdog Erstis": Malina Timm, Paul Frese, Philip Zierow, Hannes Boddin, Louisa Carstensen

The special prize was chosen by the teams and went to the group of freshmen who would like to introduce an HSBA Family Day to bring together all parties of the HSBA for one day.