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Want to Bring Along the Company of Your Choice? You're Welcome!

Many students simply bring along their favourite company with them when they come to study at HSBA. Here is what Tim Köster and Celine Armhold have experienced.

There are various admission requirements that must be met for a Bachelor’s study programme at HSBA. One of the most important requirements, however, is a suitable study place with a company, because studying at HSBA combines the two places of learning, university and company. During the course of study students are swapping theory for practice at regular intervals. To make it easier to find a place to study with a company, HSBA offers a study place exchange, which clearly lists all current offers from our more than 300 partner companies. But there is also another option. Because many prospective students have a very specific company in mind, a company where they absolutely want to study out of conviction, enthusiasm, regional ties or other reasons. Tim Köster and Celine Armhold, for example. Both have managed to study at their favourite company and make their dream come true. 

Dear Tim Köster, you have been studying Business Administration at HSBA since 2018. However, your company Marshall Stewart & Delaney was not yet a partner of HSBA. How did it come about? 

After my A-levels, I wanted to get some orientation in the working world and decided to do an orientation internship with an IT holding company. At that time, Marshall Steward & Delany, a digital marketing consultancy, was still part of this holding company and so I ended up at MSD via a follow-up internship and was very happy there. When the company offered me a job, we jointly considered how I could earn a university degree at the same time. One of the managing directors suggested a dual study programme at HSBA, as he was already familiar with the business school and its study programmes. In order to bridge the time between my internship and the beginning of the semester, MSD even offered me a job. I used this opportunity to really get to know the company before starting my Bachelor's degree programme in Business Administration at HSBA in 2018.

How did the cooperation with HSBA work out? How flexible are they when it comes to selecting partner companies? Were there any particular hurdles? 
The cooperation with HSBA was very simple. I approached them on behalf of myself and MSD. Through lively exchange and clear application processes, the entire application was quickly completed and the company accepted as a new partner. There were no hurdles in accepting Marshall Steward & Delany as a co-op, as far as I know, and HSBA was happy to have the new company! 

Celine Armhold, Business Administration student at HSBA, also found her favourite company first and then brought it with her to HSBA. Since she started working for Elbe-Obst Erzeugerorganisation r.V. she has already been involved in various optimisation processes. 

Why is it worth taking things into your own hands, dear Ms Armhold?  

If you take things into your own hands and proceed a little differently, you can attract attention and make a good impression right from the start! I would be happy if I could also encourage other school graduates to choose and approach a company themselves that has not yet cooperated with HSBA.




If you too would like to apply with your favourite company, please feel free to contact us!