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Change in HSBA Presidency

Prof. Dr. Dirk Max Johns takes office as new Vice President for Research & International Affairs. Prof. Dr. Alkis Otto is re-elected as Vice President for Teaching and Didactics.

Professor Dirk Max Johns and Professor Alkis Otto take office as new Vice Presidents of HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration today. As Vice President for Research & International Affairs, Professor Johns replaces the previous and first incumbent Professor Goetz Greve, who is stepping down after nine years to focus more on teaching and his research projects again. Professor Otto had already taken over the office of Vice President for Teaching and Didactics from his forerunner Professor Inga Schmidt-Ross in 2020 and was appointed for the new term by the University Council in March.

"We are very pleased to have this first-class new management team on the Executive Board and are looking forward to working together," explains Professor Insa Sjurts, HSBA President & Chairwoman of the Executive Board. "Professor Goetz Greve’s work has proved to be more than outstanding to our university over the past nine years through his extraordinary commitment and strategic foresight. We are very grateful to him!"

Professor Dirk Max Johns sees the further development of the doctoral programme, applied research and contract research, but also the international positioning of the university as a main foundation of his vice presidency: "I am very much looking forward to the new challenge and the opportunity to contribute even more actively to the strategic development of HSBA as vice president," says Professor Johns. "I would like to thank my forerunner and esteemed colleague Professor Goetz Greve for his outstanding work. He has been instrumental in developing HSBA's research profile, defining its form over almost a decade and driving its international development."

As Vice President for Teaching & Didactics, Professor Alkis Otto has been focusing intensively on the development of a modernised Bachelor's degree and the further development of online teaching since taking office in January 2020. In the meantime, didactic standards and teaching content are being revised and optimised simultaneously. Professor Otto would like to deepen these projects in his new term of office and put them on a secure footing.

Neue HSBA Vizepräsidenten
Prof. Dr. Alkis Otto (left), Prof Dr. Dirk Max Johns, photo Alkis Otto: Stefan Malzkorn

Professor Goetz Greve has been responsible for the academic design and anchoring of the topics at the Presidential Board level since 2012 as the first Vice President for Research and International Affairs. After nine years, he has now decided not to run again: "I would like to devote myself more intensively to my teaching and academic research again. After three interesting and intensive terms in the office, the time is right for me to step down. I wish my colleagues a happy hand in continuing to define our research activities and our international university partnerships."

During his term, Professor Goetz Greve, as the first Vice President for Research & International Affairs, initiated several fundamental projects and topics that were crucial for the strategic development of the university. HSBA owes him the systematic establishment of the research area, including the research objectives, and the creation of research freedom via foundation projects. With the introduction of the cooperative doctoral programme at HSBA in 2013, he set another important course: he laid the foundation for the programme and was essential to the establishment and expansion of the HSBA Graduate Centre. Under his leadership, internationalisation was also anchored in the university structure at various levels. Particularly noteworthy is the comprehensive expansion of the international network of partner universities and the increase in the international mobility of students, lecturers and administrative staff. As Professor of Marketing, Professor Greve will continue to teach and do research at HSBA.


About Dirk Max Johns 

Dirk Max Johns is the academic head of the MSc Business Development programme and head of the Maritime Business School. In addition to his current teaching and research activities at HSBA, he was Managing Director of the VDR Association of German Shipowners until 2019. In this position, he represented the interests of German shipowners in national and international bodies. After studying archaeology, art history and business administration in Montpellier, Leuven, Harvard and Tübingen, Professor Johns taught at numerous universities and worked successfully in the media industry from 1992 to 2005, focusing on new media. 
In the field of Maritime Management, Professor Johns focuses on the economic implications of ship finance, social issues and the impact of the financial crisis on the maritime industry.


About Alkis Otto 

Alkis H. Otto has been Professor for Economics at HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration since 2010. His research areas include macroeconomics and foreign trade theory as well as urban economics and real estate economics.

Professor Otto studied economics at the University of Hamburg before completing his doctorate in 2004 at the Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg on the topic of the macroeconomic effects of direct in-vestment. He then worked as a senior researcher in the Department of International Macroeconomics at what was then the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWA). From 2006 to 2018 he worked at the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI), where since 2014 he headed the research area "Hamburg, Cities and Regions". Professor Otto has been teaching and researching full-time at HSBA since 2018.