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Webinar: Virtual Workshops – How to maintain productivity across your team

Do you also have the feeling of spending the whole day in video conferences, but your projects are not progressing any further? Do you miss the team productivity that you otherwise know from your workshops?

We have to prepare ourselves for the fact that we will still be working from home office for a long time and only see our colleagues via video. That is why it's so important to pursue projects and to keep the commitment in the team at a high level. Our experts Sandra Zech (Innovation Manager) and Cindy Kubsch (Innovation Coach) know what is important in virtual project and innovation work and will give you helpful application tips in our free and interactive webinar.

We'll answer the following questions in the webinar:

  • Setup a virtual workshop: Which tools, components and methods are relevant for a successful workshop?
  • Creativity works remotely, as well: How can you virtually support and document idea generation?
  • Collaboration tools: What online tools are available and how can they help to improve virtual collaboration.
  • Offline vs. Online: What are the biggest challenges in virtual collaboration and what should you consider when conducting online workshops?

Don't hesitate any longer and lose even more time - register for a webinar here and learn how to conduct effective workshops virtually.

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