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Seminar in Sri Lanka: Leadership in Real Estate & Business

For the past decade, the real estate business sector has grown rapidly and will predictably continue to do so in the future. Large scale residential and commercial projects are no longer limited to Colombo or the Western Province, and offer great investment opportunities. However, as the market is very competitive, and developers tend to underestimate the importance of marketing, branding & sales strategies, professionals in the real estate and construction industry need to take a holistic view in order to keep up the trend for the next decade.

This course addresses leaders in real estate businesses and govermental organisations. It pursues a top-down approach, teaching the fundamentals of corporate success and deepens – step by step – into management tools within a real estate con­text. Participants learn how to improve the business in order to become a leader on the real estate market or how to support a general development of it. Substantially the course will take a closer look at the following topics:

  • Holistic Marketing
  • Sustainability, Quality, and Responsibility
  • Target Group-oriented Product Development and Placement
  • How to Create, Build Up, and Maintain a Real Estate Brand

Theoretical knowledge will be embedded in case studies and applied in group sessions.



  • Corporate Identity and Business Strategy
  • Principles of a Holistic Marketing in Real Estate Business
  • Sustainability, Quality, and Responsibility as a Foundation of Trust
  • Capital Providers & User Investors – How to Convince my Target Groups
  • Creating Real Estate Products for my Customers
  • Principles of Real Estate Branding
  • Specific Determinants of Real Estate Products & Services
  • Positioning and Brand Architecture in Real Estate Business
  • Building up a Real Estate Brand
  • Principles and Objectives of Customer-Based Brand Equity-Models (CBBE)
  • Brand Controlling with “Real Estate Branding Assessment – REBA”

Learning Outcome

  • Understanding of the principles of holistic marketing as a precondition of brand policy
  • Understanding of the relevance und power of brand policy in terms of leadership
  • Learn how to create real estate products instead of just buildings
  • Understanding of the criteria for successful positioning the Sri Lankan market as a player on the global investment level
  • Understanding of the principles of brand theory and being able to reapply it for real estate company
  • Learn how to build up a real estate brand and how to control it with the help of real estate branding assessment

Since April 2018, Dr.-Ing. Architect Ralph W. Hofmann is a Professor for Real Estate Development & Communication and co-responsible for the MSc programme Real Estate & Leadership. His areas of specialisation include Project Development, Stakeholder Management & Communication, Architectural Design, and Urban Planning.

Ralph W. Hofmann earned his doctorate at the Bauhaus University Weimar on the topic of real estate brand strategies (“Real Estate Branding Assessment – REBA, Development of a Customer-Based Brand Equity (CBBE) Model for Behavioral Brand Analyzes in the Real Estate Economic Context”). Before, he studied architecture at the University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden in the early nineties and specialised in real estate project development as part of his Master of Science degree in “Real Estate” at Danube University Krems.

During his many years in the real estate industry, he accompanied and managed numerous planning and construction projects in Italy, Austria, Russia and the CEE countries. Prof. Hofmann was Managing Partner of “Hofmann Architekten ZT GmbH” with headquarters in Vienna until 2017 and has extensive experience in architectural planning as well as in the organisation and implementation of large-scale and/or complex real estate projects of institutional investors.

He regularly presents and discusses his scientific contributions to real estate and project management, planning issues and property management brand policy to stakeholders in the real estate industry and numerous universities.

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